Morocco Shopping

Morocco shopping is a delight on all fronts from the types of good available to the unique surrounds. Wandering the maze-like streets of the country's medinas can make for a mesmerizing shopping experience, and the quality of the arts and crafts is impressive. Moroccans like to haggle over prices, which can make the Morocco markets extra fun, especially for bargain hunters who are looking for a good deal on items such as carpets and leather goods. These are two of the most popular goods that can be bought in the various souks in Morocco. For those who may not know, a souk is a Moroccan term for a market, and these markets are most often open air or found in a commercial quarter.

The city of Fes is home to Morocco's largest medina, and it is a verifiable shopping wonderland. Tours of the Fes el Bali Medina are available for those who want some help making sense of the narrow and crowded streets, though it can be fun to get lost. You never know what you might find around the corner when wandering around the Moroccan medinas, and savory scents usually signal that food stalls are near. Some of the best Moroccan food can be had in the medinas, as they are usually home to restaurants and food stalls. In the Jamaa el Fna Square in the medina in Marrakech, the various food stalls start firing up in the late afternoon.

While enjoying some Morocco shopping in the country's medinas, it's good to know that food isn't far off. The Morocco markets can take a lot out of you, especially since the shopkeepers can be overbearing at times. They are simply competing for business, and tourists tend to make for good targets. Thankfully, the various cities and the Moroccan government have cracked down on merchants who hassle, allowing for a much more pleasant Morocco shopping experience.

In addition to carpets and leather goods, those who are shopping at souks in Morocco can also expect to come across any other range of things, including herbs, spices, and a host of arts and crafts. Since inferior goods are often on display at the Morocco markets, it is a good idea to be patient while shopping. Eventually, you will come across something of a higher quality. When buying larger items, such as carpets, it is also a good idea to get a receipt. Otherwise, you might have to pay an export tax at the airport.

Most Moroccan villages and towns have twice-weekly markets that attract a number of sellers and buyers from the area. These kinds of Morocco markets offer a different experience from the more permanent markets that can be found in the country's medinas. Part of the joy of shopping at the village or town souks in Morocco is observing the customs and dress of the people. Agadir, which is the country's main beach resort, is home to a weekly market that is popular with tourists. This market is open on Saturday and Sunday. When weekend visitors aren't soaking up some sun on the sand during an Agadir visit, shopping at the market can be a blast.

There are a lot of interesting items that shoppers can come away with after visiting the various souks and shops in Morocco, and some of the other popular goods include woodwork, jewelry, textiles, and brass and copper items. The Berber silver jewelry is especially noted for its quality, and the pieces can be quite ornate. Ceramics also figure among the most highly sought after goods, and many Moroccan shops sell ceramic pieces. Fes is one of the top places to pick up some ceramics, though it's not hard to find some interesting pieces wherever you go.

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