Taghazout is one of the best destinations in Morocco for those who are looking to enjoy some rest and relaxation on the coast. It is also a great place to do some surfing, thanks to the quality of the conditions in the general area. The northern side of Taghazout Beach is an especially inviting place to do some surfing, and beginners can work on their skills where the waves meet the sand at the northern end of the village itself. As for the village that is Taghazout, it is a laid-back fishing village that is anything but big. Fishing is still a main industry in this small village, though tourism threatens to overtake it as more and more travelers are interested in a Taghazout visit.

Taghazout is only twelve miles north of Agadir, which is the main beach resort in Morocco. Many Agadir visitors make a break for Taghazout Beach on the side, and they also look to explore the other beaches in the area. Some of the most pristine strips of sand in the entire country can be found to the north of Taghazout, and in addition to being good surfing spots, they can also make ideal romantic retreats. Anyone seeking some fun in the sun and some time on the beach is bound to enjoy a trip to Taghazout, and it is a destination that can be hard to leave once it is time to go.

For those who plan on surfing in Taghazout, the best waves can be enjoyed between the months of September and May. If surfing isn't the main priority, then there really isn't a bad time to visit this former hippie haven turned surfing hot spot. The area enjoys about 300 sunny days a year on average, and it's almost always warm out. While surfing in Taghazout is the most popular thing to do, it isn't the only option. Other ideas for things to in Taghazout include watching the fisherman unload their catches in the morning, which attracts scores of villagers, and dining on fresh seafood in the surprisingly good local restaurants.

There might not be a lot going on in Taghazout, but things have already started to change, and they signal busier times to come. As such, those who want to enjoy a more relaxed and traditional Taghazout beach getaway should think about enjoying their trip in the near future. The main road between Agadir and Essaouira now passes right through the village, and work has already started on a tourism complex to the south. Development plans are in the works, though it will take some time for the village to transform itself.

Whether you want to go surfing in Taghazout or simply lounge around on the beach, getting there is relatively easy. It's worth noting that nearby Agadir boasts an airport that accepts direct flights from Europe. European travelers who want to do little more in Morocco than go surfing can always keep these flights in mind. As for finding a place to stay once they arrive, travelers will have limited options. There is an attractive villa in town that duals as a surf school and a hotel, and the Residence Amouge offers simple, self-catering rooms that are very affordable. Guests can also go camping at Residence Amouge, and the tent, camper-van, and car sites overlook the southern part of Taghazout Beach.

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