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Morocco tours can involve any number of things, and walking tours in the country's major cities figure among the most rewarding. In cities such as Marrakech and Fes, the medinas, or old districts, are fascinating labyrinths that are full of historical structures. Touring these medinas by foot is like going back in time in many ways. Little has changed over the last few centuries when it comes to everyday life in the Moroccan medinas, and these old districts can be found in a number of cities and towns. Marrakech and Fes boast the largest and most renowned medinas in the country, and they are among the most featured attractions on Morocco tours.

Tour guides are easy to find in Morocco's top vacation destinations, and many are available for walking tours. The medinas are understandably the most popular places for walking tours in Morocco, though travelers can also take to the countryside. Hiking is one of the most rewarding outdoor pursuits that can be enjoyed in this beautiful country, and the mountains boast trails for all levels of hiking. Some of the most leisurely mountain trails can be found in the Middle Atlas Mountains. They pass through fragrant cedar forests that are home to the endangered Berber macaque monkeys. Walking tours in the Middle Atlas Mountains can be arranged in Fes, and they can be an ideal complement to walking tours in the historic medina.

Marrakech tours are easily among the most popular tours in the country, and they include tours of the historic medina. The city's medina is home to the famous Jamaa el Fna Square, the perfect place to explore. The Marrakech tours aren't limited to city walking tours, however. Trekking tours in the High Atlas Mountains are popular, and the Ourika Valley makes for a good destination. In addition to trekking tours, Marrakech visitors who wish to head to the mountains for some fun can go white-water rafting, fishing, and birdwatching. The Marrakech tours even include camel treks in the desert.

The Moroccan camel tours are very popular, and for good reason. The country's top camel tour destination is the village of Merzouga, and it offers proximity to Erg Chebbi. This sea of sand dunes boasts a mesmerizing landscape, and the camel tours through the erg can last anywhere from a few hours to a couple of weeks. Various tents and camps are scattered throughout this Saharan wonderland, and those who are enjoying multi-day camel treks can eat and sleep at these desert retreats. Moroccan camel tours can also be enjoyed in a few other destinations, though Merzouga remains the best.

Tours in Morocco can last an hour or they can last for weeks on end. Some of the tours are complete, in that they include everything from accommodations and meals to transportation and featured attractions. The more complete Morocco tours can be ideal for travelers who are new to Morocco, as they take care of all of the details. For those who wish to have more control over their itineraries, enjoying a few side tours in Morocco will likely prove more desirable. The Morocco museums can always make for good side tour destinations. One of the country's best is the American Legation Museum in Tangier. This museum highlights the country's history, and free tours in English are offered on a daily basis.



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