Morocco Transportation

Morocco transportation comes in many different forms, and since the country is relatively small, getting from one destination to another doesn't usually take very long. For some travelers, a Morocco car rental will be ideal, as it will allow for greater freedom of mobility. For others, leaving the driving up to someone else is preferable. Regardless of what travelers prefer, Morocco transportation has them covered. Flying is even an option, and the country is home to an array of airports that can be used to cut down on transportation time.

Since Morocco is a fairly compact country, flying from one destination to another isn't always the most practical transportation option. Should you wish to cover a long distance in short order, however, flying can be the quickest way to go. Most international flights headed for Morocco arrive in Casablanca, and if nothing else, travelers might catch a connecting flight to destinations such as Marrakech or Agadir. While domestic flights can help cut down on travel time, flying isn't the most affordable Morocco transportation option. That's where the buses and trains come in.

Going by way of bus in Morocco is the most popular option, partly because it's also the cheapest. A number of private companies offer various bus routes, and they combine to cover virtually every corner of the country. The main operators boast the most comfortable buses, and they feature air conditioning to keep passengers cool. Since seats are numbered, overcrowding doesn't typically occur. It's best to stick to the main companies when traveling by bus in Morocco, though it's sometimes necessary to rely on the smaller carriers when trying to get to more remote destinations. Overnight bus trips are available for long distance routes, such as Casablanca to Tangier. During the peak summer travel season, the overnight buses are quite popular.

Traveling by bus in Morocco isn't the only economical way to get around. Most of the country's cities that are west of the Atlas Mountains are connected by rail, and these cities include the capital of Rabat, nearby Casablanca, and Fes. Traveling by train in Morocco is relatively cheap, especially when compared to costs in Europe or North America. Most Moroccan trains have first- and second-class compartments, and the overnight trains feature couchettes, which serve as simple beds. Some overnight trains also feature sleeper cars that are more akin to a room. One of the great things about traveling by train in Morocco is the fact that the conductors are usually very friendly. Travelers can also store much more luggage on the trains.

In addition to securing a Morocco car rental, taking a bus, or hopping on a train, those who are looking for ways to get from point A to point B can consider taking a grand taxi. These collective taxis help to get travelers where the trains and buses don't go, and they usually come in the form of older sedans. Many of the grand taxis are actually old Mercedes sedans. Often times, these taxis can be found near the train and bus stations. It is also customary to see them parked on street corners waiting for passengers. Unless you purchase extra seats to free up space, you'll almost always ride with other passengers when taking a grand taxi. Most can fit up to six passengers, and they tend to be cramped when full.

Since the Morocco transportation network is about as complete as can be, renting a car won't be attractive to some travelers. A Morocco car rental has its advantages, however, and it can be liberating to have wheels at your disposal. Driving around Morocco can be convenient, though it is important to note that the Moroccan drivers aren't reputed to be the best in the world. Accidents are common, and it can seem like nobody is obeying the traffic laws at times. For those who wish to secure a Morocco car rental, some of the major international rental agencies have desks at the country's main airports. An abundant amount of Morocco hotels can help guests arrange a rental car as well.

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