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Vacations to Morocco
Vacations to Morocco

Morocco vacations can revolve around a number of unforgettable pursuits, and travelers will be keen to enjoy as many experiences as possible. The diverse culture and fascinating history of Morocco make it a wonderland for travelers who enjoy cultural endeavors, and the breathtaking landscape appeals to nature enthusiasts. In addition to stunning mountains, Morocco is also home to desert terrains that can be explored by camel. At desert attractions like the Erg Chebbi near Merzouga, the sands can range from red to pink, with all kinds of violet and golden hues in between.

Adventure travel is very popular in Morocco, and a number of tour operators offer guided adventure excursions that feature destinations like the Erg Chebbi. Other adventure activities that can be at the heart of Morocco vacations include hiking, mountain biking, and birdwatching, to name a few. Morocco is an excellent bird watching destination, as more than 460 species are found here. Some of the best places in the country to go birding include the national parks, such as Toubkal National Park near Marrakech and the Souss-Massa National Park. The former is an excellent side trip destination for Agadir visitors.

Agadir isn't just ideal for side trips into the Souss-Massa National Park. It's also a good place to go when beach time is at the heart of a Morocco vacation. Morocco is already a top beach vacation destination for Europeans, and other international travelers are starting to take notice. Numerous watersports activities can be enjoyed on a Morocco beach vacation, including surfing. Surfing has been growing in popularity in recent years, much like Morocco travel on the whole, and destinations such as Taghazout are prime places to hang ten.

Those who wish to do some hiking or mountain biking can take to the Morocco mountains, which provide the setting for many of the country's most enjoyable adventure activities. Since this is a compact country, visitors can easily pair some time in the desert or on the beach with some time in the cooler highlands. This can be especially rewarding during the summer months, as the lowland heat can be oppressive. Thankfully, the coastal cities are often cooled by consistent trade winds. These winds not only keep the summer heat at bay. They also make for excellent wind and kite surfing opportunities.

While enjoying the great outdoors is rewarding in Morocco, it isn't the only thing that makes Morocco vacations attractive. Many of the country's cities are home to fascinating historic districts, which are most often called medinas. These old districts are in turn home to historic structures such as mosques and their dazzling minarets. The medinas figure among the most iconic Morocco attractions, and two of the best can be found in Marrakech and Fes. In addition to being ideal for general sightseeing, the vibrant medinas in Morocco are also great places to go shopping. Few destinations in the world are as attractive as Morocco when it comes to shopping, and hunting for rugs, leather goods, ceramics, and a host of other things is best done at the medina markets.

There are tons of possibilities when it comes to the list of things to do in Morocco, and travelers will be happy to know that there is not shortage of good places to stay. For some, staying at a riad, or Moroccan-style guesthouse is the way to go, and for good reason. These hotels offer what is arguably the best overall lodging experience. That being said, a Morocco vacation rental on or near a beach can prove just as appetizing. Some of the country's best riads can be rented out as villas, and they are worth considering when it comes to vacation rentals.

Renting out a riad isn't the only option for those who wish to book a stay in a Morocco vacation rental. Most of the vacation rentals in this northern African nation come in the form of apartments or condos. The bulk of these are well-equipped and can be found within close proximity of a beach. In addition to looking in Agadir, travelers who are interested in staying in a Morocco vacation rental might also try Tamuda Bay. Both of these beach resorts are family friendly, and families that book a vacation rental will have a convenient kitchen at their disposal. This can make mealtime less of a headache when the kids are tired.

Whatever travelers have in mind for their Morocco vacations, checking out the available travel packages is worth considering. The Morocco vacation packages tend to include accommodations, airfare, and ground transportation. Some even include tours on the side. Most Morocco vacation packages offer good deals on everything that they cover, which is one of the reasons why they are worth keeping in mind.

Whether Morocco travelers have weeks to spare or just a few days, planning things out in advance can be an easy task. This is especially true for those who decide to book one of the Morocco vacation packages, as many include more than one featured activity on their itineraries. The vacation packages for Morocco come in a full range of shapes and sizes, some even revolving around cruises, and it shouldn't take long to find one that has all your Morocco vacation needs covered.

Top image: Pedro Lozano (flickr)
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