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While Morocco travel can be enjoyed year round, many tourists choose to show up during the peak months of July and August. In addition to being a popular month for travelers to take a Morocco vacation, August is also when many native Moroccans like to vacation. Many of the vacationing natives live and work in European countries like Spain and France, and most workers in Europe get a month off in the summer. Beach lovers who are wondering when to go to Morocco should know that the months of July and August are when the country's beaches are at their best. This has a lot to do with the fact that many travelers decide to take a summer Morocco trip.

Many travelers consider the weather more than anything else when trying to decide when to go to Morocco. The country enjoys relatively warm weather year round, though the mountains are very different from the coastal zones and desert regions. In the High Atlas Mountains especially, the winters are cold. When enough snow falls, a Morocco trip can revolve around skiing. There are actually some ski resorts in Morocco, and while one of them can be found in the Ourika Valley, the other is closer to Fes in the Middle Atlas Mountains. While snow falls in the mountains and the temperatures often drop below zero in the winter, the other seasons are milder and better suited for hiking. Many Morocco travelers escape from the lowland and interior heat by venturing into the mountains on a side trip during the summer.

The temperatures in the Morocco interior can easily top 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months. As such, travelers who don't have beach time as a main priority will likely prefer a trip to Morocco during the spring or fall months. These months can be especially great for Morocco travel, as the temperatures are comfortable and the summer crowds are absent. Spring is widely considered to be the best time to travel to Morocco, as the heat of the summer can prove overbearing. During the winter months, the cold, especially at night, can make things uncomfortable. In destinations like Marrakech, for example, the winter nights can be very cold. Thankfully, the coastal destinations are usually refreshed by consistent trade winds during the hot summer months, which helps to make places such as Agadir so popular in July and August.

In addition to considering the weather when trying to decide when to go to Morocco, many visitors also take a look at the annual events and festivals calendar. The month-long fast of Ramadan is especially worth noting, as the locals are more focused on their religion than travelers on many occasions. Some restaurants and cafes will close during the day during Ramadan, and business hours in general are reduced. Nighttime is a different story, however. Things are often quite festive and happy, and it can be a magical thing to witness.

There are various things that travelers can concern themselves with when it comes to planning a Morocco trip. For those on a tight budget, deciding when to go to Morocco can have everything to do with travel deals. In the off-season, the winter especially, many of the country's hotels offer discounted rates. Cheap flights can also be easier to come by in the off season, as well as in the spring and fall shoulder seasons. These days, Morocco travel deals are easier than ever to come by, in which case discounted rates on things like accommodations and airfare aren't unheard of during the peak summer season. A Morocco vacation package will usually offer discounts, so travelers might keep them in mind when arranging their Arabian getaway.



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