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Namibia hotels are available to suit every traveler, whether you are looking to stay along the coast, in an urban area, or near one of the national parks. The country is best divided into three regions: Northern, Southern, and Central. No matter which area you are including on your itinerary there are various Namibia accommodation options for any budget. The majority of these hotels and pensions are quite small and family-run but provide a comfortable spot for relaxing after your day of exploring and sightseeing. Whether you are looking for a hotel in Windhoek in the Central Region or one of the Namibia lodges in the Northern Region, travelers should have little trouble finding the perfect place to stay.

The Central Region of Namibia is the most developed and visited area and it features the largest selection of Namibia hotels. Foreigners and Namibians alike are attracted to the coastal towns, recreational areas, and variety of day trips offered to the surrounding areas. The capital city of Windhoek is a bustling destination that is full of life, businesses, and shops, and there are various options for places to stay, including pensions, guesthouses, and luxury hotels. A popular hotel in Windhoek is the Fig Tree Guest House (pictured). Located near the center of town, the Fig Tree features a heated pool and an in-house chef who prepares meals with the organic vegetables grown right outside. Another fantastic hotel in Windhoek is the Windhoek Country Club Resort. Catering to those who crave luxury, this outstanding resort is located on the outskirts of the city in a peaceful area. The resort features large, comfortable rooms, an 18-hole golf course and an in-house casino. Those who are looking for accommodation options in Windhoek will surely be pleased with the array of choices they find.

Swakopmund and Walvis Bay are also two other popular areas in the Central Region. Swakopmund is known as Namibia's premier resort town, as it is located right on the coast and provides easy access to natural attractions such as the Namib Desert. The majority of the hotels here are on the pricier side due to the popularity of the area, but you get your money's worth with modern amenities and breathtaking views of the coast. The Stiltz and Swakopmund Boutique Hotel are among some of the most sought-after and luxurious options that Swakopmund has to offer. However, if high-priced rooms don't fit your budget, you can still find places to stay here. Accommodations such as the Hotel Pension Rapmund and Villa Margherita provide safe, clean rooms at budget-friendly prices. Walvis Bay also offers similar accommodation options. There are luxury hotels located on the beachfront, such as Burning Shore and Protea Hotel Long Beach, that provide guests with sweeping views, and more affordable options can be found further away from the water.

If you are traveling to the Northern area of Namibia, you'll find yourself surrounded by incredible natural beauty. The unique landscape is dotted with rock formations, green areas, wildlife, and waterfalls. The Namibia accommodation in this region is usually in the form of a lodge or a camp, as this is the area travelers visit to enjoy the natural environment. There are various options in Damaraland, Waterberg Plateau, Etosha National Park, and along the Skeleton Coast. Each area presents different options in varying price ranges. For instance, the Desert Rhino Camp in Damaraland is an example of luxury situated peacefully in the middle of nowhere. The mobile camp moves with the migration patterns of the animals and allows guests to observe wildlife in their natural habitats and learn about the ecosystem.

The Waterberg Plateau area is home to more moderately priced Namibia lodges. The somewhat smaller accommodations allow visitors to feel like they are right at home in the middle of a magnificent landscape. The Frans Indongo Lodge and Kambaku Safari Lodge are two great choices for travelers who are searching for a peaceful retreat yet who still want to explore the vast lands and wildlife of Namibia. Etosha National Park gives visitors the accommodation options of a tented camp, guest farm, or lodge. The camps, such as the Ongava Tented Camp, are designed with comfort in mind, and each tent features en suite facilities. The Namatubis Guest Farm is a more low-key option with a smaller setting and about a half-hour outside of the park. With all of these options, guests of the Waterberg Plateau and Etosha National Park areas are able to customize their accommodations to suit themselves.

The Southern Region of Namibia is graced with vast red sand dunes and is home to the Fish River Canyon. The majority of the Namibia hotels in this area are in the quaint town of Luderitz. Luderitz is located right where the Atlantic coastline meets the Namib Desert, and this beautiful destination boasts interesting German Art Deco architecture and a great location for exploring the surrounding dunes. The Luderitz Nest Hotel is an excellent luxury option that provides guests with sweeping coastal views, excellent seafood dishes, a fully equipped wellness center, and a private beach. The Protea Hotel Sea View is also a good choice for your Luderitz accommodation; it is situated in a quiet area of the town but boasts excellent sea views. There are en-suite rooms, an a la carte restaurant, and a variety of organized activities.

No matter where you travel in this stunning country, you will find plenty of options for Namibia accommodation. Ranging from luxury hotels in Windhoek to safari lodges in Damaraland, Namibia has a long list of options that will not fall short of the expectations of visitors and are sure to offer the perfect complement to the scenery and fascinating activities.



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