Swakopmund, home to some of the finest Namibia resorts, is the country's most popular holiday destination. It is located along the coast, and its mild temperatures and minimal rainfall attract visitors from around the world. During the long weekends and holidays in December and January, Swakopmund is overwhelmed with an influx of travelers looking to escape the intense heat of the interior, so if you're looking to avoid the crowds, it's best to travel to Swakopmund during the spring and summer months, when the area is less crowded and accommodation is more affordable. However, no matter when you book, your trip will be nothing short of fabulous with the seaside promenades, sunny days, palm-lined streets, and plenty of entertainment.

Many people are under the impression that Swakopmund is a tropical destination where sunbathing is the norm. However, this seaside town with German charm experiences rather cool mornings and evenings due to the breezes that roll off of the Atlantic Ocean, making it a popular refuge from the hotter parts of the country. Another major draw to the area for foreign travelers and Namibians alike is the surrounding Namib Desert itself. More commonly known as the West Coast Recreational Area, it is home to plenty of sports—dune carting, sandboarding, and hot-air balloon rides are among the most popular activities that are offered here. If you crave that adrenaline high, be sure to include some of these activities on your itinerary when you travel to Swakopmund.

Swakopmund is also a great starting point for various day trips in the area. The coast of Namibia is blessed with various geological wonders, numerous animal species, and spectacular views. Visitors who are intrigued by the arid lands of the desert can opt for a tour of the surrounding Namib either by safari vehicle or quad biking. Visitors to Swakopmund can also take a tour to the Spitzkoppe Mountains, where they can meet some of the native tribes of the area and learn about their culture and history. Those who prefer water over land can choose a scenic trip down the Skeleton Coast to Sandwich Harbour, or take the Cape Cross Tour, where visitors travel to the seal colony located on the coast.

If you're looking for Namibia resorts during your African vacation, Swakopmund is one of the best places to be. Whether you're looking to stay right on the ocean or are seeking a more quaint hotel located further inland, you will be able to find a hotel in Swakopmund that suits you. For instance, the Swakopmund Boutique Hotel is centrally located and close to everything the town has to offer, such as outdoor activities and German bakeries. The majority of the rooms have a sea view, there is a wine cellar where guests can taste delicious wines from South Africa, and a Garden Roof Terrace offers sweeping views of the ocean and surrounding area. Another option is The Stiltz, which is perhaps the most unique out of all the Namibia resorts. The nine bungalows are built on stilts over the Swakop River, and they offer unbelievable views of the ocean, the river, and the rolling sand dunes. Although on the expensive side, The Stiltz is truly worth the splurge for the privacy, the views, and the unique experience.

If you are looking for a more affordable accommodation option during your stay in Swakopmund, there are plenty of choices, including bed and breakfasts, pensions, and various small hotels. Hotel Pension Rapmund is in a great location as it just a few minutes walk from the beach and from the town center. A hearty breakfast is served each morning, and guests can relax in the TV lounge if they desire a break. The Villa Margherita is also a budget-friendly hotel that is housed in a Colonial villa. It offers clean rooms, individually served breakfast, and a restaurant/bar with Italian flair, and it is situated in the heart of this vibrant African city.

With the variety of activities available, mild weather, and combination of German and African charm, it is easy to see why travel to Swakopmund is so popular. This seaside town deserves its status as one of the top destinations in Namibia, and it has something to offer every visitor, whether it is fishing, sandboarding, or a leisurely walk along the beach.



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Swakopmund, home to some of the finest Namibia resorts, is the country's most...

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