Anse Lazio

The Seychelles island of Praslin is one of the country's top vacation destinations, boasting what are easily some of the best beaches in the land. The whole island is surrounded by soft, white sand and alluring turquoise water, and its relatively small size means that getting around to the various Praslin beaches is an easy task. Whatever you do during your Praslin getaway, it's imperative that you make an attempt to visit Anse Lazio, which is considered by most to be the king of the Praslin beaches. So great is the beach at Anse Lazio that it constantly earns mention among the best beaches in the world, so you will certainly be rewarded for the effort of getting here. Thankfully, getting to Anse Lazio beach is quite easy, really. Once visitors arrive on flights to the main island of Mahe, it's just a short boat, plane, or helicopter ride to Praslin Island. Perhaps you'll be up for a stay at an Anse resort so you can have Anse Lazio at your disposal around the clock. It certainly wouldn't be a bad way to go at all.

Overlooking the scenic and calm waters of Chevalier Bay on the northwest side of Praslin Island, Anse Lazio enjoys some pretty spectacular sunsets, which only help to cement its place among the top Seychelles beaches. Crescent shaped, Anse Lazio is ideally backed by dense vegetation and rising hills. Takamaka trees and palms are abundant, giving way to soft sand that encourages numerous barefoot strolls. The trees backing the beach provide excellent shade from the strong Seychelles sun, though you might keep on awares for falling coconuts. To one side of the Anse Lazio beach, the craggy boulders of Pointe Chevalier announce a dramatic boundary, while the curving island further bounds the beach on the other side. These natural boundaries, as well as the beach's curving shape, help to give beachgoers a feeling of seclusion that is intoxicating. Perhaps even more intoxicating are the array of natural colors that Anse Lazio exhibits. The verdant green of the jungle backdrop, the soothing white hue of the sand, and the captivating, crystalline blue water with all its different shades could easily inspire you to go searching for paintbrushes and canvases. It's almost too much to take in really, and odds are good that you will find yourself rubbing your eyes in disbelief that a destination as gorgeous as this truly exists.

Sure, gobs of travel brochures have photos of the Anse Lazio beach, and amazing as these pictures are, they just can't compare with actually being here. Anse Lazio Praslin getaways are ideal for anyone, really, and families with little ones are especially encouraged to add Anse Lazio to their Seychelles travel plans, as the water here is excellent for swimming. Anse Lazio, as well as some of the other Lazio beaches, is protected by a coral reef, which helps to make for calm waters. There is an ideal gradient for those looking to swim here, and overall, the water is relatively shallow, which helps to make it even safer. At one end of the beach, the snorkeling is excellent, and the underwater beauty does well to compliment that found above the surface. Since it's customary in the Seychelles to leave much of the terrain in its natural state, the Anse Lazio Praslin beach is devoid of the kinds of tourist trappings that can sometimes adversely affect a beach's overall appeal. While you can find an Anse resort nearby, there aren't soaring hotels on the beach, and save for a beach café and a nearby restaurant, there isn't a whole lot in the way of facilities. Of all the Praslin beaches, Anse Lazio is not the best for sporting rentals, which is just fine by most.

Anse Lazio Praslin visits can be arranged as day trips from Mahe Island, but given the fact that a few good Anse resort and hotel options can be found near Anse Lazio, you might treat yourself to at least a few days here. Also among the favorable Praslin beaches is Cote d'Or, which is a good place to find some of the top Praslin hotels and/or resorts. The Cote d'Or beach is very impressive in its own rite, and the calm waters also present snorkelers with a worthy haven. Renting a car or a bicycle is a good way to get around to the various Praslin beaches, and should you explore them, you'll be able to surmise which one best suits your tastes. Chances are good that all of the Praslin beaches will prove more than satisfactory, so making a list of favorites might just be more difficult than you may have imagined. Though it can be hard to separate yourself from the Praslin beaches, don't forget to make time for a visit to the Vallee de Mai reserve, which is another top Praslin attraction. As a side note, golfers looking for an Anse resort to best fit their needs might check out the Constance Lemuria Resort, which has no less than three 18-hole, championship courses that are free to guests. Sure, the resort is pretty costly, but if you love golf, you won't find comparable courses anywhere else in the country.

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