Seychelles Beaches

If Seychelles is known for anything, it is for the immaculate beaches that are found among its 115 islands. Visitors to the Seychelles islands come primarily to enjoy the Seychelles beaches, which are constantly described as being among the best in all the world. While many Seychelles travelers stick mainly to the main granitic islands of Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue, there are plenty of other islands to visit where you can experience one breathtaking beach after another. The top Seychelles beaches are arguably found on the three main islands, but by no means should you be disappointed if you go looking for sandy stretches on some of the Outer Islands, such as Desroches and Fregate. Seychelles is very much a tropical paradise, and the beaches in Seychelles are ideal havens for the stressed and weary. The second you step on a Seychelles beach, you forget about all your cares and responsibilities. The soft sand, crystalline turquoise water, and fresh air are enough to calm any soul, and the numerous coral reefs found just offshore will impress even the most seasoned of scuba divers and snorkelers.

Beaches in Seychelles
Beaches in Seychelles

Some of the beaches in Seychelles are ideal for swimming, while others might prove more conducive to surfing and windsurfing. The coral reefs that are found near many of the Seychelles islands tend to provide for calm water conditions as they serve as barriers to the rougher seas further out. These "protected" beaches tend to be the best for swimming, as some of the rougher Seychelles beaches are known to have significant undertows. If you should find that the seas are a bit rough during your visit to a Seychelles beach, you can always enjoy a barefoot and languid stroll, or soak up some of the strong Seychelles sun. Generally, the beaches in Seychelles can be enjoyed year round, so deciding when to go on your Seychelles vacation isn't a terribly tough task. November through February is when rain falls the most here, but predicting the rainy season in the Seychelles can be a hit or miss proposition. As a side note, July and August tend to be the months when the Seychelles seas are at their roughest, and as such, some of the Seychelles beaches are too dangerous for swimming during these months. Some might say that November through April is the best time to enjoy surfing in the Seychelles, with May and October exhibiting the strongest trade winds.

Naming the top Seychelles beaches is a pretty tough endeavor, as there are so many great ones to enjoy. It really comes down to what you're looking for. On the more developed islands of Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue, you're more apt to find beach facilities and watersports rentals, but there are still many a secluded cove if you are looking to really get away from it all. There are 3 beaches that are generally regarded as the top Seychelles beaches, and they are found on the 3 main islands. Since these islands offer a more established tourism sector, they are among the most visited Seychelles beaches, but by no means do they really ever get overcrowded. If you had to name the best Seychelles beach, Praslin's Anse Lazio might just take the cake. Found on the northwestern side of the island, Anse Lazio is a wide, white sand beach that is backed by palm and takamaka trees. Large, granite boulders strewn here and there help to compliment the overall setting, and since a reef protects the beach, the water is ideal for swimming. Snorkelers will enjoy exploring the reefs at the end of the beach, and the sunsets here are utterly divine. Some of the best Praslin hotels and resorts are found near Anse Lazio, and dining at the Anse Lazio beach café is always a good way to go.

Since the main Seychelles island of Mahe is the cultural and travel hub of the country, it's where many visitors spend at least some of their time. Some of the best Seychelles beach resorts are found on Mahe Island, and though there are a bunch of great Mahe beaches to choose from, the beach at Beau Vallon Bay is among the most popular. What helps to make Beau Vallon one of the top Seychelles beaches is its proximity to the capital of Victoria. It might just be the easiest Seychelles beach destination to get to, and it offers the most beach facilities, making it a good consideration for families. The beach here is large, and the crystal clear water inviting. The third recommendation for top Seychelles beaches is found on La Digue. Anse Source D'Argent is about as picturesque a beach as you will find on the planet. Here, the sand has a pinkish hue, and the huge, granite boulders serve as barriers between the various crescent-shaped beaches. Much like Anse Lazio, Anse Source D'Argent is protected by a reef, making it just perfect for swimming and snorkeling. The facilities at Anse Source D'Argent are a bit scarce in parts, but that's part of what makes most of the Seychelles beaches so attractive. You just don't get the kind of overdevelopment and commercialization that is found at so many other top beach destinations.

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