Farquhar Seychelles

There may be no accommodations on the Seychelles Farquhar Atoll, but that doesn't mean it isn't one of the more popular Seychelles vacation spots. Anglers will love including Farquhar travel in their Seychelles travel plans, and since basically nobody lives here, all visitors can expect a pristine and relaxing setting. Farquhar Island, or the Farquhar Atoll, is part of the Farquhar Group of islands, and it is the most southerly Seychelles land holding. The main island of the Seychelles, which is Mahe, is over 400 miles away from Farquhar Island, so flying in is the usual way of arriving, and there is a simple airstrip to service the incoming, chartered crafts.

Both granitic and coralline islands make up the Seychelles island chain, and the granitic islands, such as Mahe and Praslin, are more developed and populated. Farquhar Island is a coralline island, and these islands are generally less hospitable to man, which explains the lack of development here. That's just fine by many who come seeking the kind of exclusive island experience that Farquhar travel offers. Discovered in 1501 by a Portuguese explorer by the name of Joao da Nova, the Farquhar Atoll would remain unpopulated due to its infertile soils and its relative lack of water. Much like the Seychelles island of Desroches, Farquhar Island would fall under British control, being grouped into the larger British Indian Ocean Territory. In 1976, however, Farquhar Island became part of Seychelles, as the nation announced its independence.

The group of islands that form the Farquhar Atoll curve up from south to north, with the North Island offering up a humble settlement. The shallow waters surrounding the main islands eventually gives way to deeper waters, which makes the fishing here some of the best in the Seychelles. While trekking about or enjoying a beach can certainly be part of your Farquhar travel plans, it might just be the fishing that brings in most visitors. Fly fishing the flats here is an utterly good time for those who like to cast a line from time to time, and if you are lucky, you might snag a renowned Giant Trevally (Kingfish), which can weigh up to 80 lbs! Bonefish and permit are two other species of merit that troll the flats here, and there's really nothing quite like standing thigh-deep in the crystalline, blue-green water as you hone your skills. There are Farquhar Island fishing packages available for those who are interested, some of which include living aboard a nice yacht as you go. The lagoons here also make for some great scuba diving and snorkeling, so you might look into that on the side as well.

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