Fregate Island Seychelles

Though it is small in size at less than 1 square kilometer, Fregate Island Seychelles can still deliver the kind of vacation experience where you feel like you have the whole world practically to yourself. There is only one accommodation choice for those wishing to engage in Fregate travel, and it is quite luxurious and exclusive. Besides enjoying top notch service and a slew of amenities, those planning Fregate Seychelles vacations will have at their disposal no less than seven immaculate beaches. Should visitors be up for island hikes, the unique flora and fauna will provide plenty to look at along the way, as will the island's stunning landscape. Because it is one of the granitic islands of the Seychelles, Fregate Island has quite a lot of topography to it, with the tallest peak being Mount Signal, which rises just over 400 feet. At some 35 miles east of the island of Mahe, Fregate Island is the furthest out of the Seychelles granitic islands, but it's just a 20-minute plane or helicopter ride in, so by no means is it too hard to get to.

The first explorer to really take serious interest in the Seychelles was the mid-18th century Frenchman by the name of Lazare Picault. He is credited with naming Fregate Island, as well as the main Seychelles island of Mahe. The Fregate Island name comes from the frigate bird, which performs some pretty acrobatic air maneuvers to steal food from other seafaring birds. So impressed was Picault by the aerobatic abilities of the frigates that he decided to name an island after them. In the latter part of the 17th century, Fregate Island Seychelles was little more than a hangout for pirates, and according to legend, there is still some buried treasure hidden here. Perhaps you might stumble upon a chest full of booty during your Fregate travel experience! Highly unlikely though it is, you might keep it in the back of your mind. Should you be traveling to Fregate Seychelles with kids, making mention of a hidden treasure will certainly inspire in them a curious interest.

Thankfully, you won't have to stumble upon a pirate's chest to enjoy the natural gems that Fregate travel offers. The Fregate Island Seychelles beaches are simply divine, and since no more than 40 guests can stay at the luxury Fregate Island Lodge at any one time, you can bet that these delightful sandy stretches will never get overcrowded. Though all of the beaches on Fregate Island are unforgettable in their own rites, perhaps the most notable is Anse Victorin, which is often mentioned among the best beaches in the world. For fans of avian creatures, there are more than a dozen resident bird species found on Fregate Island. When birdwatching during your Fregate vacation, you might be lucky enough to spot a Seychelles magpie robin, which is making its way back successfully after a decline in numbers.

Trekking to the top of Mount Signal is another excellent way to spend some Fregate travel time, as is enjoying the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. In addition to enjoying the Fregate beaches, you might try your hand at snorkeling or kayaking, which are both excellent ways to sightsee. Fishing charters and leisure-minded boat trips to nearby islands can be arranged for those who are interested, and should there be room in the budget, you might even treat yourself to a helicopter or plane ride over parts of the Seychelles. As a side note, if you can't make it to Aldabra Island to see the thousands of Aldabra Giant Tortoises during your Seychelles vacation, Fregate Island has its own wild population numbering somewhere around 400. Also of curious distinction is the fact that Fregate Island is the only place in the world that is home to the flightless Tenebrionid Beetle. An intriguing slice of paradise Fregate Island Seychelles is, and should you be fortunate enough to find yourself here, you'll come to know just how satisfying a Seychelles vacation can be.

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