La Digue Seychelles

If you are seeking a relaxing, slow-paced destination for your next vacation, then La Digue Seychelles is calling. The fourth-largest island in the Seychelles archipelago, La Digue is amazingly beautiful, boasting palm-laden beaches that will take your breath away and soaring granite boulders that will confound the mind. Together with the islands of Mahe and Praslin, La Digue is among the most visited Seychelles destinations, and it's not hard to understand why. Ferries link La Digue to Mahe and Praslin islands should you be interested in a visit, and the La Digue accommodations offer a suitable range of choices once you arrive. Time seems to stand still in La Digue, and since bicycles and ox-carts are the primary ways of getting around, visitors enjoy a certain kind of peace and quiet that is intoxicating.

La Digue Seychelles is named after a ship that was part of the French fleet headed by Marion du Fresne. The French sent an expedition to the Seychelles in 1768, and their primary intent was to explore the archipelago's granitic islands, such as La Digue, Mahe, and Praslin. Today, only about 2,000 people live on La Digue Island Seychelles, and one would have to think that these locals are quite lucky indeed. The beaches here are simply divine, and nobody could blame you if your Seychelles vacation involves little more than hanging out at a La Digue beach. Anse Source d'Argent is a La Digue beach of high repute, complete with exotic palm trees and glorious white sand. It is certainly worthy of gracing the front of a post card, which is a huge understatement. You can rent a bicycle and head off to one La Digue beach after another, but between your beach-jumping escapades, you might also interest yourself in some other La Digue Seychelles attractions.

Deemed a national heritage site, the L'Union Estate on La Digue offers up a historic kiln and mill, not to mention some curious giant tortoises. The aforementioned Anse Source d'Argent beach is part of the L'Union Estate, as is the gigantic La Digue Granite Boulder, which is a national monument. The L'Union Estate has many gems to offer tourists, and you won't want to miss the Plantation House here, which is supposedly one of the oldest of its kind in all of the Seychelles. Found on the interior part of La Digue Seychelles is the Veuve Nature Reserve, where birdwatchers can spot species like the rare Black Paradise Flycatcher. Guided tours of the reserve are available, and if you are interested, you can arrange ahead of time to trek some of the nature trails that are found outside of the reserve boundaries. Those looking to do a bit of shopping during a Seychelles vacation will have a nice array of galleries to choose from, and La Digue has two that are certainly worth dropping in on. The Barbara Jenson Studio offers up original works for sale from Jenson herself, and the work of Georges Camille is on display at the Green Gecko Gallery. Coincidentally, Camille also has a gallery on Praslin Island.

While enjoying a La Digue Seychelles vacation, there's always the possibility of visiting one of the smaller La Digue islands. Various satellite islands make up the La Digue islands, and some of them offer up some fantastic snorkeling and scuba diving possibilities. Boat hires are the main means of transportation between the La Digue islands, and since tourism is the main industry in La Digue, you can rest assured that arranging a boat hire here is an easy task. Island hopping, trekking, horseback riding, and scuba diving are just some of the things that make La Digue travel so appealing, and it's certainly hard to find fault with a La Digue beach experience. Include La Digue in your upcoming Seychelles vacation, and enjoy one of the most relaxing and beautiful African island vacations known to man.

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