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Among many other things, Mahe Island is the gateway to the beautiful Seychelles, as it is here that you will find the country's international airport. On the northeast coast of the island of Mahe lies the Seychellois capital city of Victoria, which is home to a myriad of attractions worth including in your Seychelles vacation. Mahe Island boasts dozens of beaches, some more ideal for swimming, others perhaps better suited for surfers. All of the beaches on the country's largest island are quite picturesque and inviting, and further inland, oft-misty rainforests cover the slopes of the rising hills and mountains. Some 72,000 people call Mahe Seychelles home, which is no less than 90% of the country's entire population. Though a good amount of visitors to the Seychelles head off to nearby islands after spending little time on Mahe itself, those who choose to hang around to explore are surely rewarded in their endeavors. Spending a few hours at the vibrant Sir Selwyn Selwyn Clarke Market in Victoria, or trekking about Mahe's Morne Seychellois National Park are just two Mahe travel options in a field of many, so your Mahe vacation can surely be both busy and diverse if you want it to be.

A good way to start any Mahe vacation is with a trip to the Mahe National Museum of History in Victoria, where you can learn all about the country and its people. Though the Seychelles is a fairly young nation in terms of human activity, the Seychelles history is still very storied. You might also entertain the notion of dropping in on the Natural History Museum while in Victoria, which provides insight into the geology of the Seychelles, as well as its intriguing flora and fauna. Victoria, which has the distinction of being the world's smallest capital city, is really quite a charming urban center, and everything of interest here can be reached on foot. Those interested in shopping in the Seychelles will find the numerous Victoria art and artisan galleries a worthy addition to the itinerary, and the aforementioned market is a must-experience. Souvenirs, gifts, and world-class diamonds and gems can be purchased at the famed Kenwyn House, which is also noted for its French colonial architecture.

Victoria has an older district, which is comprised of colonial-era buildings and tight streets, while the newer section is more defined by wider avenues and lovely tropical gardens. On the south side of Victoria, the National Botanical Gardens are surely one of the Mahe attractions that nature-enthusiasts will not want to miss. Its 15 acres offer up alluring indigenous trees, among which figure examples of the rare "Coco de Mer" palms. One of the more intriguing Mahe attractions is Victoria's smaller replica of London, England's Big Ben clocktower, which will do visiting Londoners proud. After a bit of time in Victoria, you might head to Beau Vallon Bay, which is not only the most popular Mahe vacation spot, but also the most frequented tourist destination in all the Seychelles. The beaches at Beau Vallon Bay are splendid, and you'll find some of the top Mahe hotels in and around this part of the northern coast.

The island of Mahe is surrounded by other smaller islands, and those enjoying Mahe travel often head to one of these islands during their vacation, primarily those found off of Mahe's east coast. Spread among these islands are luxury Seychelles resorts, notable restaurants, and Ste. Anne Marine National Park, which is surely one of the top Mahe attractions for nature lovers. The coral reefs found at Ste. Anne Marine National Park are excellent for snorkeling, and on land, you might get the chance to see the Hawksbill turtles that nest here. Tours to the park can be arranged in Victoria, and you might take interest in a glass-bottomed boat ride once you get there. A Mahe vacation can be many things, and Mahe Island and its satellite island neighbors really offer something for everyone. Scuba diving, trekking, shopping, and gambling are just some of the fun things to do on the island of Mahe, and those looking for the liveliest Seychelles nightlife will find it here. While dining in Mahe Seychelles, you'll certainly have the chance to enjoy some savory Creole flavors, and should your Mahe travel arrangements find you here during the end of October, the Creole Festival is a can't miss. Besides wonderful Creole food, Creole arts, traditions, and overall culture are on display during this week-long event.

Mahe Seychelles


Among many other things, Mahe Island is the gateway to the beautiful Seychel...

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