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Seychelles vacations are known to get pretty pricy, as this African archipelago boasts what many consider to be some of the most beautiful islands in the world. To help keep travel costs down, the Seychelles hostels are always worth considering. Cheap hostels in Seychelles aren't abundant, but there are a couple options on two of the main islands, which helps matters. Should you find that these Seychelles hostels are booked during your visit, you might also look into staying at a guest house, which is usually a small, family-run affair with moderate-to-low rates. Since a Seychelles vacation typically involves spending most of the day out and about, some travelers won't mind trading in amenities for extra travel dollars. The most important thing is getting here. Once you've done that, the rest is all just icing on the cake.

Seychelles hotels are relatively high-priced overall, so finding a place to stay for $10-$20 a night here probably isn't going to happen. That doesn't mean that good deals aren't out there. The main island of Mahe is where you will find one of the most-listed cheap hostels in Seychelles. La Residence is a short distance from the capital city of Victoria, and it offers both villas and 1-bedroom apartments. These are self-catering units, meaning guests are in charge of their own meals. The villas here, which have 2 bedrooms and can accommodate 4, have fully-equipped kitchens, while the studios and apartments have fully-equipped kitchenettes. Unlike hostels you might come across in other countries, all of the units here have private bathrooms. Toss in the fact that each unit also has a terrace with sea views, and it just keeps getting better. Though the rooms and villas here are fairly simple, they are clean and comfortable, not to mention pretty spacious.

Praslin Island is the second-biggest Seychelles island after Mahe, and it is also a main tourist destination. Travelers looking for cheap hostels in Seychelles will find something quite similar to La Residence on Praslin Island. Found on Praslin's south coast, and overlooking beautiful Sainte Anne Bay, the Chalets Cote Mer offers both standard rooms and apartment-style units. The standard rooms provide guests with a balcony, a fan, a tea and coffee maker, a safe deposit box, and a bathroom with shower. For an extra fee, those staying in a standard room can request air-conditioning. The self-catering apartments have two bedrooms, one with a king-size bed, and the other with a bunk bed. In addition to the amenities listed for the standard room, the apartments also have fully-equipped kitchens, so you can feel free to put your culinary skills to task if you like. Speaking of culinary skills, the chef at the Chalets Cote Mer is known to prepare some savory cuisine. Breakfast is included in the rates, which while pretty steep by some standards, are really very low for Seychelles accommodations.

As mentioned, guest houses are worth considering for those who find it hard to track down cheap hostels in Seychelles. In fact, when it comes down to it, a good amount of the guest houses in Seychelles are less expensive than the hostels in Seychelles. The Calou Guest House, which is found on beautiful La Digue Island, is one of the country's best guest houses, and it's certainly worth considering for anyone needing La Digue hotels. The 5 bungalows here are simple, but it's hard to beat them when it comes to the price. They offer private bathrooms and comfortable beds, which is all some travelers really want. Those looking for hostels in Seychelles will find that the islands listed here are the best bet. They may not offer more traditional hostels, but they do allow for visitors to have some choice when it comes to discount Seychelles hotels. On some of the lesser-developed islands, the choices for hotels can be extremely limited, and you won't find any Seychelles hostels as you move away from the main Inner Islands. That's OK., however, because with the money you save staying at one of the more affordable Seychelles hotels, you'll be able to visit other islands on fun and exciting day trips and tours.

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