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Should you have taken interest in a Seychelles vacation, then you may have read or heard that it can be a relatively costly destination. True, the Seychelles hotels are relatively high-priced, but when one considers how fragile the ecosystems here are, it starts to make more sense. Also, since the Seychelles is made up of some of the planet's most beautiful islands, it is generally understood that paying a bit more is just part of the game. After all, the Seychelles beaches are as stunning as they are made out to be, and crowds and overdeveloped outposts are certainly not the norm. There are options for cheap hotels in Seychelles, though if the budget allows, there are also some nice choices for Seychelles luxury hotels. Scrunched in-between the upper and lower range of Seychelles hotels are a good amount of 2 and 3-star affairs, which helps to give visitors a wider selection.

Mahe Island, which is the main island in Seychelles, offers the most in the way of tourism infrastructure, and so it's where a large amount of Seychelles hotels are found. Praslin and La Digue islands are also among the most developed Seychelles destinations, and they are also good places to look for hotels in Seychelles. What helps to make these islands such ideal tourist hangouts is the fact that they are perfect for island hopping. Pretty much all of the cheap hotels in Seychelles are found on these three islands, and they typically come in the form of either a hostel or a guest house. There are only two Seychelles hostels listed on most Seychelles hotels overviews, and they are found on Mahe Island and Praslin Island respectively. Both offer standard rooms and self-catering apartment units that are fairly simple, yet clean and comfortable. Guest houses are usually family-run lodgings that offer a handful of rooms, which are also simple, yet agreeable. Some of the bungalows that cheap hotels in Seychelles offer can be pretty spacious, and it helps to know that even the cheap hotels in Seychelles tend to offer rooms with private bathrooms. Deciding when to go on your Seychelles vacation can often result in savings, as there are peak seasons and slower seasons, so those looking for discount hotels in Seychelles will want to consider that.

The hotels in Seychelles used to be geared more towards luxury, but nowadays, more and more affordable lodging can be found. Some of the older 2 and 3-star hotels have been renovated, and it seems that the number of guest houses and self-catering, budget units are increasing. Of course, those looking for Seychelles luxury hotels will also be happy to hear that the 5-star options aren't going anywhere. In fact, on Mahe Island, the Hilton and Banyan Tree brands have recently introduced what amount to two of the nicest hotels in Seychelles. The Banyan Tree Seychelles has some of the most luxurious villas in all the land, not to mention a most privileged location overlooking beautiful Intendance Bay. Certainly one of the best Mahe hotels, the Banyan Tree Seychelles can certainly make for an ideal place to rest your head during a Seychelles getaway. If the Banyan Tree suits your fancy, you might also take interest in the Hilton Northolme Resort and Spa, which is one of the best Seychelles luxury hotels for families. The Seychelles resorts aren't limited to just Mahe Island, however, and some of the best and most exclusive are found on islands like Alphonse, Sainte Anne, Desroches, and Fregate.

Those looking for something different and unique when it comes to hotels in Seychelles might consider staying on a live-aboard boat or yacht. Often times, those enjoying fishing and scuba diving excursions in the Seychelles will stay for a few nights or so on a boat with the crew. With comfortable cabin rooms, they really aren't a bad way to go unless you suffer from serious sea-sickness. The Seychelles archipelago is simply ideal for boating excursions, and island-hopping is an utter joy here, so staying aboard a ship can certainly prove to be utterly fantastic. Should you be sailing into the Seychelles on your own vessel, the Wharf Hotel & Marina might be your first pick for Seychelles luxury hotels. A small hotel, as most hotels in Seychelles are, the Wharf manages to offer big amenities, with the option to even hire your own personal chef. Ah, yes, the choices for Seychelles hotels are getting better every day, so finding the right one for your wants and needs should be a fairly easy task. As a side note, many of the Seychelles hotels, be they cheap hotels in Seychelles or Seychelles luxury hotels, will offer special deals and packages from time to time. So, when booking yours, be sure to inquire, or at least keep an open eye.

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