Seychelles Surfing

Seychelles surfing is certainly starting to generate some waves within the surfing community. While it still remains a relative secret to many, surfing in Seychelles can be a blast. You might not get the biggest waves in the world when you take to the beaches of Seychelles with board in hand, but you also won't get the crowds that so many other world surfing hangouts generate. Both right and left breaks can be found on some of the beaches of Seychelles, and though the rollers here aren't often big, they are fun nonetheless. Whether you are a beginning surfer or a seasoned veteran, surfing in Seychelles should present you with a fairly rip-roaring good time.

Deciding when to go on your Seychelles surf trip can affect the overall quality of the waves you'll find. Generally speaking, May through September is regarded as the best time to enjoy surfing in Seychelles, though it really comes down to which beach you're hitting. The beaches of Seychelles are found on all sides of the islands, so while conditions might be ideal May through September on one end, November through April might be better on another. Should you have an adventurous soul, which pretty much all surfers do, you can always pack your boards into a rental car and go beach hunting on your own. The beaches of Seychelles are many, and since the islands here are relatively small, you can ditch one beach for another in almost no time at all.

The best places to go surfing in Seychelles are Mahe and Praslin islands, as these are where you will find the best transportation infrastructures. These are the only two islands in Seychelles where you can rent a car, or van if you need, which allows you to head out on your own. Also, should you be bringing your own board with you to Seychelles, it's much easier to transport it around an island like Mahe. Head out to one of the smaller, less-developed islands, and you'll probably incur a rather large bill getting you and your board there. That's all up to you, however, and if there is room in the budget, it's great to go searching for that next big breaker where not another soul can be found. On the island of Mahe, the Grand Anse beach is often hailed as the best overall Seychelles surf spot. It's found on the west coast of the island, and the best waves here are found November through April. This spot can get crowded by Seychelles standards, though, so you might take that into consideration if your main aim is to head where others are not.

Beau Vallon Beach is also an ideal spot to start your Seychelles surf holiday. Beau Vallon is arguably the most popular tourist hangout on Mahe Island, and so you'll find a lot of good Mahe hotels in the vicinity. Beginning surfers should really consider Beau Vallon first, as it offers an area where the bottom of the sea is soft sand. There are some reefs and rocks out there though, so if you are new to the sport, you'll certainly want to steer clear of those. This can be the case at a bunch of the beaches of Seychelles, which you'll always want to keep in mind. Anse Bougainville is another nice Mahe beach where surfing in Seychelles can be enjoyed. It's found on the southeastern edge of Mahe, and you can expect both right and left reef breaks here. Generally speaking, the beaches on the eastern side of Mahe Island tend to offer the most consistent waves, with those on the western side being a bit more finicky. Sometimes, the surf gods smile upon you, and you just simply just find yourself at the right beach at the right time. Coincidentally, windsurfing is also something you might try during your Seychelles surf trip, as more and more Seychelles watersports rental companies have equipment that you can rent.

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