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Seychelles tours are an excellent way to add depth and substance to your Seychelles getaway, and with an array of interesting ones to choose from, finding the right one for all involved quickly becomes not only easy, but fun as well. Seychelles is an island nation that inspires one to dream, and here, achingly beautiful views are found wherever you go. The unique flora and fauna of the island is of great curiosity for visitors who come see such rare plants as the Coco de Mer palm, or such intriguing animals as the Giant Tortoise. Very much a destination where tourism is centered around the Great Outdoors, Seychelles is a haven in a busy world where mankind often seems to lose touch with the natural surroundings. In Seychelles, nature comes first, and man strives to live harmoniously with the environment. As a result, those enjoying Seychelles tours are rewarded with sights and sounds that they just can't find back home. It's a special place where you can breathe easy and worry less, and Seychelles tours are without question a good way to see and experience the best of what Seychelles vacations have to offer.

Depending on who you ask, the best tours in Seychelles could be any number of things. Birdwatching tours are among the most popular Seychelles Islands tours, and in the Seychelles, birdwatching is certainly more about quality than quantity. There may not be an overabundance of bird species here, but what is here is a real joy to view. On Praslin Island, which is a top Seychelles vacation spot, the Vallee de Mai Nature Reserve is an ideal place to spot rare black parrots, and on La Digue Island, the Veuve Reserve is home to the equally as rare Seychelles flycatcher. Each island in the Seychelles affords the opportunity to enjoy birdwatching, and certainly the country's various nature reserves are ideal. For those who are serious about birdwatching, it's possible to find a Seychelles tour package that also involves birdwatching and wildlife viewing outside of the country at destinations like Mauritius and Madagascar.

Scuba diving tours are easily worth bringing up when discussing the best tours in Seychelles, as this country is regarded as one of the world's top 10 dive sites. Dive shops are in good supply in Seychelles, and if your hotel or resort is without, then the staff can probably help you find one. There are Seychelles tour package options for those who are interested in adding scuba diving to their lists of possible Seychelles Islands tours. Maybe you'll just be up for a one-day scuba diving tour, or perhaps a week is the better fit. Choose an extended Seychelles diving tour, and chances are good that you'll be living aboard a nice boat between dives. Since there is so much unique flora and fauna to appreciate in Seychelles, hiking tours would also have to be among the best tours in Seychelles. The aforementioned nature reserves are not only excellent birdwatching spots, but also great places to dig in for a healthy trek. On Mahe Island, the Morne Seychellois Park is home to some enticing trails, and really, pretty much any of the tourist islands here have some set of hiking trails, many of which lead to a stunning beach.

Mini-cruises and boat tours of all kinds are a good way to go about sightseeing in the Seychelles, and there may be no finer place on earth to engage in pleasure boating. The Seychelles is made up of 115 islands, so Greece lookout, because this country could give a whole new meaning to the notion of island hopping. Perhaps chartering a yacht for an unforgettable go-around will be just what the doctor ordered. If a boat is too slow for your tastes, or if you should suffer from sea sickness, perhaps a helicopter trip will prove to be a better Seychelles tours fit. While both helicopters and boats often serve as transportation means in the Seychelles, they are also often part of a Seychelles tour package. It's not always necessary to dedicate yourself to a Seychelles tour package if you are looking to add a tour to your vacation. Some resorts and hotels have bikes that guests can use to head out on their own exploratory tours. Visiting secluded beaches on La Digue Island, for example, is something you might consider when renting or borrowing a bicycle. Many Seychelles tour agencies will be happy to work with you, helping to customize a Seychelles tour package that features some of the ideas covered in this article. So start planning your Seychelles vacation today, and don't forget to add a tour or two to the mix if there's room in the budget. You'll be glad you did.

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