Things To Do In Seychelles

Some of the top Seychelles tourist attractions very much involve getting in touch with the natural world. This unspoiled tropical island destination, which lurks some 1,000 miles east of Kenya in the Indian Ocean, is a nature lover's dream. In fact, it's just a dream, period. So rewarding are Seychelles vacations, that visitors are often left with a sort of empty feeling upon leaving to go home. It's not easy to abandon such a beautiful and enjoyable destination, especially when you consider all of the fun things to do in Seychelles. Your Seychelles vacation can surely be an extremely relaxed affair, but no Seychelles vacation would truly be complete without enjoying one of these recommendations for Seychelles tourist attractions.

Hang out at the Beach

Of all the Seychelles tourist attractions, it's the Seychelles beaches that take top honors. There is no lack of enviable beaches here, and according to many, the beaches in Seychelles are the most beautiful in the world. That's quite a distinction to carry, and when you see these beaches for the first time, you'll understand just what all the fuss is about. Anse Lazio, on Praslin Island, and Anse Source D'Argent, on La Digue Island, are just two of the Seychelles beaches that deserve honorable mention, but then again, they pretty much all do. Exploring various beaches is surely a fun pursuit, especially if you should find a secluded one where not another soul in the world can be found, save for the native wildlife.

Visit the Vallee de Mai Nature Reserve

Certainly one of the top Seychelles tourist attractions, the Valle de Mai Nature Reserve on Praslin Island is one of just two Seychelles World Heritage Sites. The main attractions here are the rare Coco de Mer palm trees and the equally as rare black parrots. A slice of virgin forest, the Valle de Mai Nature Reserve maintains a primaeval feel that is quite impressive. As for the Coco de Mer palms, they are quite curious plants indeed, gaining a reputation for causing more than one person to blush on occasion. That much said, the Coco de Mer is an ancient tree that once near extinction, now thrives in the Valle de Mai jungle. It's quite a remarkable palm, if for nothing else because of the enormous seeds that the female plants produce.

Go Scuba Diving or Snorkeling

If you are looking for fun things to do in Seychelles, why not consider scuba diving? The Seychelles is one of the world's top diving destinations, offering excellent visibility, scores of coral reefs to explore, and plenty of marine life to view. While some months are generally considered to be better than others for Seychelles scuba diving, the sport can truly be enjoyed year round. For those who are not already competent divers, the PADI certified Seychelles dive shops offer classes that can have you in the water in no time. Complete some of the necessary schoolwork back home before you leave on your Seychelles vacation, and have even more time to actually spend diving once you get here. Snorkeling can be enjoyed straight away, requiring very little, to no training at all, and though it might not be the same as diving, it's nonetheless rewarding in its own rite.

Take a Helicopter Sightseeing Tour

Sometimes used to transfer travelers from one Seychelles island to another, helicopters are also one of the best ways to go about sightseeing in this stunningly beautiful Indian Ocean archipelago. As if these islands weren't attractive enough from the ground, wait until you look down on them from above. The color of the turquoise water plays brilliantly off of the Seychelles beaches, which in turn present a stark contrast to dense, green jungle growth. It's truly something to behold, and as far as things to do in Seychelles are concerned, a helicopter ride has to be among the most exhilarating.

Go Birdwatching

Birdwatching in Seychelles is simply a joy for really anyone that likes to view wildlife. Some of the rarest birds on the planet can be found among the Seychelles islands, including black parrots at the Valle de Mai Reserve on Praslin Island, and Seychelles paradise flycatchers at the Veuve Reserve on the island of La Digue. For those who really enjoy birdwatching, Seychelles birdwatching travel packages are available, some including other African island nations, such as Mauritius and Madagascar. Birdwatching is one of the things to do in Seychelles that can be enjoyed just about anywhere, as birds can be seen all over the place here.

See the Giant Tortoises at the Aldabra Atoll

Though the Aldabra Atoll takes a bit of work to get to, it's well worth the effort. One of just two World Heritage Sites in Seychelles, this collection of raised, coralline islands is home to a resident population of Giant Tortoises, which reportedly number more than 150,000. It's the largest population of Giant Tortoises found anywhere on the planet, and the spectacle of seeing these creatures en masse is truly one of the most cherished Seychelles attractions.

Peruse the Goods at the Sir Selwyn Clarke Market

Aptly located on Market Street, the Sir Selwyn Clarke Market is easily among the best places to do some shopping in Seychelles. A national landmark, this entry among Seychelles tourist attractions was originally erected in the 1840, receiving much-needed renovations in 1999. Most folks will tell you that this is the center of it all in the capital city of Victoria, and whether they are right or not, it's certainly an excellent place to stock up on fresh food stocks, not to mention do a little people watching. You'll also find souvenirs for sale here, as well as various souvenirs and local works of art. If you can, try to get to the Sir Selwyn Clarke Market on Saturday mornings, when it's most lively.

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