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Deciding when to travel to Seychelles is a big part of your planning process, that's for sure. Weather is generally a primary concern for those arranging a Seychelles vacation, or any vacation for that matter, so you'll want to surely consider that aspect of things. While there isn't necessarily a bad time to take a Seychelles holiday, there are peak seasons and off-seasons, and the difference in hotel rates can sometimes have a lot to do with things. Some travelers like to align their trips with certain festivals and/or events, and the Seychelles has at least a few major ones that travelers might think about including in their Seychelles vacations.

Thankfully, when it comes to weather, the Seychelles enjoys year-round, warm temperatures. A tropical climate reigns supreme here, and so that lends itself to almost ideal conditions year round. This is especially good news for those who know that they want to take a Seychelles vacation, but aren't sure just quite when they'll be able to free up the adequate time. As far as seasons go in Seychelles, it's the trade winds that define them, not rain. There is a "rainy season" here, with January being the wettest month. Since Seychelles is located outside of the cyclonic zone, it manages to avoid lots of heavy and overcast skies. When it does rain here, which it does most of on Mahe and the Silhouette Islands, it can come down quite suddenly and be rather strong. October through April is a warmer and wetter time of year, as this is what the northwest winds bring. Come May, the southeast trade winds turn things around a bit, bringing a cooler and drier period that lasts until September. These southeast trade winds tend to be stronger than the northeastern winds, which means that surfers might find their element during this time.

When the winds kick up between May and September, it can often mean rough seas at some of the Seychelles beaches, so finding adequate swimming grounds can sometimes be a trying endeavor. This is a time when the more secluded beaches are at their best, and so you may hunt some of those out during these months. Yearly temperatures in Seychelles generally fluctuate between 75 degrees and 88 degrees, and it's pretty much humid most of the time, with 80% humidity not uncommon. Perfect weather for perfect beaches! Once you've figured the Seychelles winds out, your next concern before you travel to Seychelles may be about what months are best for what kinds of activities. While scuba diving in Seychelles is pretty darned good regardless of the month, there are periods where it is better than others. March through May and September through November are the top Seychelles diving months, as the calm winds stir the waters up less, providing for visibility of more than 100 feet. If you are interested in Seychelles vacations that involve fishing, then October through April is the best time for you to visit. May through September is arguably the most ideal time for Seychelles hiking, as you'll avoid the wetter months, and for those interested in doing some Seychelles birdwatching, April is a good month, as it's breeding season. May through September sees Sooty Terns nesting, which is a delight, and in October, the mass migration is a sight to see.

The peak seasons for Seychelles tourism are December-January and July-August. During these times, the rates at the various Seychelles hotels and resorts are at their highest, and though it doesn't exactly get crowded here, it is also when you can expect to come across more fellow travelers. Easter, which is one of the more important Seychelles holidays, is also a particularly busy time in Seychelles tourism, so depending on your preference, you might either avoid it or include it in your Seychelles holiday plans. As mentioned, certain Seychelles festivals and/or events can be figured into Seychelles vacations. The biggest Seychelles festival is the Festival Kreol, or Creole Festival. A week-long event that showcases Creole culture, the Creole Festival takes place every year at the end of October. If you can make it to Mahe for this one, then you might look to do so, as it's a surefire booster for any and all Seychelles vacations. Travel to Seychelles is a truly wonderful thing, and as stated before, when it really comes down to it, there really isn't a bad time to visit this breathtakingly beautiful African island nation.

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