Blyde River Canyon

In addition to being one of the largest canyons in the world, the Blyde River Canyon is one of the most spectacular sights on the African continent. Some of the most dramatic views and stunning natural phenomena can be found along the Blyde River in South Africa, and a great variety of plant and animal life flourish on this reserve. While exciting adventures await the traveler at this natural wonder, thorough planning is essential to ensure that you see the best of this destination on your South Africa vacation.

Tourists come to Blyde River Canyon South Africa from all corners of the world to see the awe-inspiring spectacles and experiences that can only be had on the appropriately named Panorama Route; photogenic vistas await your camera at Wonder View and God’s Window. Along the journey through this rugged country, travelers come across a majestic column rising out of the chasm; this is the Pinnacle, composed entirely of quartzite. The Three Sisters, locally known as the Three Rondavels, greet visitors from the far side of the canyon as three spirals of dolomite.

In addition to stunning views and picturesque scenery, Blyde River Canyon is rich in history. Millions of years ago, the Potholes near Bourke’s Luck were formed at the juncture of two sister rivers, the River of Joy (Blyde River) and the River of Sorrow (Treur River). This magnificent sculpture is actually swirl holes from the sedimentary debris carried through here all those ages in the past, and it provides a great opportunity for some stunning photographs.

The climate in Blyde River Canyon runs from one extreme to the other, causing the plant and animal life to occur in great variations. In the arid country on the summits, explorers will find grasslands that support abundant insects and birds, as well as the grey rhebuck, Africa’s wooly antelope, and the oribi, a rare antelope distinguished by its small size and unique markings. Tropical rainforests flourish in the ravines, while lush vegetation supports life on the riverbanks of Blyde River Canyon South Africa. Almost every type of animal life can be found in the Blyde River Canyon region, including all five of South Africa’s primates, which are the somango monkey, the nocturnal greater and lesser bushbabies, chacma baboons, and vervet monkeys.

Visitors take pleasure in the exciting activities available along the Blyde River in South Africa. Of course, there are wonderful views and fabulous opportunities for the camera, but for the thrill-seekers, additional adventures abound. Camp out and enjoy a fresh meal of trout, or jump into one of the many waterfall pools to cool off after an exhausting hike in the deep forest trails. There are several tours offered on this route that last from four days to 36 days and include accommodations, meals, and activities.

Blyde River Canyon South Africa has a great deal to offer visitors, from stunning views to adventurous thrills. South Africa’s Panorama Route offers something to suit every visitor’s desires for a relaxing vacation or an adventurer’s paradise. Blyde River in South Africa holds a revelation of stunning scenery, great opportunities for seeing local flora and fauna, and plenty of time to enjoy the lush surroundings. In addition, visitors who enjoy outdoor activities are also likely to enjoy similar attractions, such as the Garden Route, Tugela Falls, and the striking Drakensberg.

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