South Africa Car Rental

A South Africa car rental is the best form of transportation for those who intend to take the country by storm or by drizzle—on their own time. Booking a rental car is simple whether you reserve it online or at an on-site location, though online reservations often hasten the process with less paperwork once you reach your destination and ensure that you have the car of your choice. Cheap car rentals in South Africa are easily obtained with advance booking over the internet, and excellent road systems make South Africa a delight for drivers.

Some of the major car rentals are Avis, Hertz, Tempest, and Imperial/Europcar. Advance booking at the online locations often ensures a better price than on-site booking at the airport and less confusion once you arrive. Search engines are available for cheap car rentals in South Africa, making it easy to access the best prices for your vehicle needs. If you choose to get a rental car at the last minute, though, it is possible to rent them upon arriving at the airport in Johannesburg or Cape Town, among other locations.

A popular option for rentals is to get four-by-four vehicles for safaris and other off-road adventures. Some of the major Johannesburg car rentals offer such vehicles, but often visitors will find a better deal at a specialized four-by-four rental dealer.

Cross-country adventures may require the use of a camper or trailer, and a South Africa car rental is available for that as well. Campers can be especially useful for those travelers on a budget, as they allow you to save on hotel costs. Early booking is essential in this case, as there may be a limited supply available, especially if you're visiting during the peak tourist season.

Driving in South Africa requires only a valid driver's license written in English; this means visitors from the US need only to bring their personal driver's license during a trip to South Africa—all others should exchange the driver's license at the South Africa Consulate General. Visitors should ensure safe driving habits and a complete knowledge of the legal conditions allotted for drivers and passengers. For instance, driving in South Africa takes place on the left side of the road, while the driver is seated on the right-hand side of the vehicle; seatbelts must be worn and cell phone use is illegal. Research of these regulations will ensure a worry-free trip with your South Africa car rental.

Johannesburg car rentals are a great way to enjoy the surrounding parks and routes of the city. Visitors may enjoy a drive around the satellite townships, including Soweto, where Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu were raised, or along the beautiful Garden Route spanning a large part of the South Africa coast. Cheap car rentals in South Africa can be tricky to come by, but early online booking can help visitors achieve the best price on Johannesburg car rentals without the stress of last-minute scrambles.

Whatever your rental car option, you are sure to enjoy a grand experience traversing the countryside of South Africa, meandering through forests, mountains, and deserts. A grand stretch of road and stunning terrains wait for you to take your vehicle of choice on the journey of a lifetime.

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