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South Africa restaurants are an experience in themselves. Regardless of where they are in the country and when they're on vacation, visitors will enjoy the delectable delights of food in South Africa. From exquisite fine dining to traditional South Africa cuisine, tons of options are available for the hungry traveler. In particular, Johannesburg and Cape Town are among the top destinations of the food tours offered throughout the country.

Food in South Africa is known for creating a unique culinary experiences for visitors to this wonderful country. Some of the most illustrious chefs begin their careers and flourish at South Africa restaurants. Delicious cuisine abounds in every destination in South Africa. In order to completely understand the country, it is necessary to sample the cuisine. Traditional South Africa food comes in all flavors and forms.

A braai, which is a South African barbeque, is among the most popular festivities, where tons of people gather for a particular spicy sausage called Boerewors. Brave visitors may want to sample this favored dish among the men of South Africa, Skop, which is the head of a goat, cow, or sheep that is cleaned, scrubbed, boiled, and then simmered for the perfection of this delicacy. While these are somewhat exotic extremes, there are plenty of choice foods available to every type of taste bud, so there is no need to shock them with unfamiliar dishes.

Cape Town restaurants are among the finest and the most diverse. From the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront to Cape Town city center, visitors will find that their time is well-spent when feeding their culinary desires. For instance, Belthazar in the V&A Waterfront is home to the largest wine bar in the world, while Aubergine is a low-key fine-dining experience of the EurAsia fusion.

Johannesburg is a pulsing commercial hub in South Africa, and as such it features some of the finest sightseeing and dining opportunities in the country. Restaurants in Johannesburg have something for everyone. Linger Longer, for instance, is a fabulous dining experience; guests of this restaurant will enjoy the stylish glass conservatory herb garden and the theatrics of classic retro-chic style.

The top ten fine dining South Africa restaurants include Bosman’s, The Tasting Room, Zackary’s, Aubergine, La Colombe, Cleopatra Mountain Farm House, Linger Longer, Auberge Michel, La Madeleine, and Hartford House. These restaurants can be found in several cities throughout the country, and feature the finest chefs—and wines—in South Africa. For instance, the Tasting Room offers a tasting menu from which guests can choose a delectable array of appetizing dishes along with a fantastic selection of wine, while the Cleopatra Mountain Farm House is an underground wine cellar with a delightful ambience, a gorgeous view, and excellent food.

Another way to experience the food in South Africa is to book one of the food tours, and tourists on these food routes can enjoy a unique tour of eating and cooking around the country. There is a beautiful array of tours available of South Africa food but also cuisine from the entire African continent, allowing travelers to try food from around Africa without even leaving the country.

South Africa food is just as much of an attraction for some travelers as the country's wildlife safaris, beaches, and the many other things to do, and it's easy to make part of your South Africa vacation revolve around tasting different cuisine. However you choose to enjoy the culinary delights of Africa, one thing is certain: Visitors will experience a unique cultural encounter as well as create fond memories to last a lifetime.

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