South Africa Diving

An activity for the adventurous—not the faint of heart—great white shark diving in South Africa gives divers the opportunity for the thrill of a lifetime. Shark cage diving in South Africa is available not only to experienced, certified divers, but also to novice divers who are willing to place themselves inside a cage with only a snorkel.

South Africa diving is a popular vacation activity, with opportunities available at destinations along the Eastern and Western Cape coastlines and the Garden Route, including St. Francis Bay, Port Elizabeth, Durban, and Mossel Bay. The premier location for great white shark diving in South Africa—known as the great white shark capital of the world—is in Gansbaai near Cape Town, in the Western Cape region. Known as "Shark Alley," the area provides ample opportunities for South Africa cage diving, so travelers don't need to worry about missing their chance.

South Africa diving comes in a variety of forms, as a day excursion or a travel package. A diving excursion for a day has a variety of options that include South Africa cage diving, reef diving, hammerhead shark expeditions, observing Caribbean reef and Lemon sharks, and diving to shipwrecks. For vacationers with limited time and who are interested in a day excursion only, helicopter charters are available to take them on a breathtaking scenic ride to their diving destination.

Extended South Africa diving packages are available that last anywhere from five to fourteen days, which allows ample time for guests to optimize their time shark cage diving in South Africa, in addition to enjoying additional entertainment such as sightseeing at local attractions, taking wine tours near Cape Town, observing wildlife, or visiting local beaches. Extended diving excursions will offer individual or shared accommodations as part of the expedition price, with stays at local bed and breakfast inns.

Participating in shark cage diving in South Africa is an adrenaline-pumping experience and may not be for everyone. Not only are you in the sharks' domain, but you are also in an enclosed cage being observed face to face. Diving with the sharks is an education in the lifestyle and habitat of the creatures, from the largest whale shark to the smallest sand shark.

South Africa cage diving takes place with either scuba or snorkeling equipment. The cage has an opening at the top where the diver enters, and it is secured to the boat, so the diver is able to raise his or her head easily above the water for direct communication with boat personnel. Snorkels have crossbars to hold on to inside the cage.

Weather conditions, shark activity, and sea conditions determine whether a shark dive can take place. In addition, sharks are sensitive to sound and patience is sometimes necessary to allow the sharks enough time to get accustomed to unfamiliar noise and be confident enough to approach diving cages.

Scuba certification is not required for great white shark diving in South Africa. Experienced divers use scuba equipment while inexperienced divers use snorkels, and in all cases, South Africa cage diving occurs under the strictest of supervision to ensure your safety. Regardless of your experience with water sports, this is an unforgettable opportunity and well worth adding to the list of things to do for any South Africa beach vacation.

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