Formerly known as Dragon Mountain, named so by the Dutch, Drakensberg, the highest mountain range in South Africa, is also known as the Barrier of Spears or uKhahlamba in Zulu. A large portion of the Drakensberg Mountains lies on the KwaZulu-Natal, separating it from the Kingdom of Lesotho. These basalt peaks boast the highest pub in Africa, and activities and adventures abound on the uKhahlamba Drakensberg, including fishing, hunting, and hiking. Visitors will not want to miss other attractions, including the Thousand Hill Experience and the Brew Route on their South Africa vacation.

The Zulu people call this magnificent system of Drakensberg the Barrier of Spears. The Dutch Voortrekkers, in search for freedom, moved to the interior of the continent from the Cape Colony and, inspired by the rugged landscape, called it Dragon Mountain. Ultimately they settled in this land nestled between the Zulu Kingdom and that of Lesotho.

Principally located with the KwaZulu-Natal province, the Drakensberg South Africa offers an abundance of things to do. Some of the most spectacular views in the world are to be had at the end of every hiking or climbing excursion in these mountains. Experts can climb the sheer cliffs or practice ice climbing and sit atop the high peaks to see the conquered giant at their feet. A more relaxing and tamer option involves hiking or walking some of the trails in the shaded forests and rolling hills, taking a more easygoing approach to man versus nature. In either case, the scenery will certainly take your breath away. Other activities range from fishing and hunting to swimming in the mountain streams and bird-watching.

The highest pub in Africa is at Sani Top Chalet in the Drakensberg Mountains, where guests will find comfortable accommodations and good food. The Sani Top Chalet provides dinner with a marvelous view from their outdoor patio, and for those interested in trying a drink or two, the bar will gladly accommodate everyone’s needs. At the cliff’s edge, travelers can catch sight of the Sani Pass, the only route to reach the chalet.

The Thousand Hill Experience and the Brew Route are two scenic routes in the area worth including on any traveler's list of South African attractions. The Valley of a Thousand Hills was gouged out ages ago from the mighty waters flowing from the peaks of the Drakensberg Mountains. This path offers abundant photo opportunities of wildlife and the best of nature; tourists will also find great accommodations and friendly hospitality from the locals. Take a tour of the Brew Route meandering through the KwaZulu province, and enjoy the local breweries, great and small along with demonstrations. In addition to beer tasting, this tour offers a look at the making of the fine concoctions and a chance to get to know the area.

Whether they're scaling the steep cliffs of the Drakensberg South Africa, enjoying a fine dinner atop the peaks with a breathtaking view, or engaging in another unique adventure, visitors are sure to adore the Drakensberg. Tourists will find plenty of things to do and accommodations in the area and are sure to enjoy the warmth of the residents. The area of Drakensberg South Africa is particularly appealing to those travelers who want to observe the native wildlife or take safaris through the country's many parks and game reserves.

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