South Africa Events

In addition to being a country known for its wildlife and safaris, South Africa is also known for its love for festivities. Every season is full of events celebrating animals, nature, or history, or sometimes nothing at all. Events for visitors range from public holidays to chances to attend a marvelous South Africa festival. Visitors will certainly encounter an opportunity—which should not be missed—to attend one of the many events in South Africa during their vacations. It is sure to enhance the South African experience.

Give any excuse, or none at all, and South Africa comes to life in the midst of a celebration. Whether you're in Johannesburg, Cape Town, or Port Elizabeth, each town and territory has its own specialty. Soweto celebrates its colorful history during the exciting annual Soweto Festival. Cape Town hosts dozens of events and festivals in South Africa, including the Cape Town Festival, which celebrates the culture and history of the town, National Women’s Day, the International Comedy Festival, the International Kite Festival, the Spring Flower Show, and the list goes on and on. Near Port Elizabeth, one interesting South Africa festival that takes place is the Prickly Pear Festival, where all the foods are made of prickly pears, from preserves to bread.

A very historical and important South Africa festival is the Day of Reconciliation, which falls on December 16. On this day in 1838, a battle took place between the Voortrekkers and the Zulu. The Voortrekkers made a vow before God to keep this day honored as a day of thanksgiving, calling it the Day of the Vow. After the democratic assumption of government, the day was adapted as the Day of Reconciliation, still honoring that day, but instead promoting national unity.

South Africa events abound for a variety of reasons, aside from religious or cultural festivities. For instance, Do It Day promotes volunteering throughout the country. National Braai Day marks the beginning of summer with a grand cookout and tons of entertainment and festivities, and the Day of Goodwill is a public holiday held the day after Christmas.

Every season marks a time for a new set of South Africa events relevant to the specific time of year. During the wet summer months, frogs become active and begin their mating calls, calling for the Frogging Festival at Chrissiesmeer in Mpumalanga. Participants stalk and capture frogs until they are called up for counting. Once the frogs are counted, they are released back into the wild.

Harvest events in South Africa are among the most important, as they mark the end of a season full of laboring and a time for rest and celebration. Some of these festivals include the Ficksburg Cherry Festival, the Tontedoos Peach Festival, and the Bathurst Pineapple Festival. If ever you are in the area during a harvest festival, be sure to check it out, for you are sure to not only enjoy the good music and wonderful people, but a host of delicious delicacies are waiting to be tasted.

You don't have to be in a major city to enjoy festivals, too. Bloemfontein is a small town known for its friendly people. Thousands of people flock to this town for the Macufe Festival to experience the warm hospitality and culture flourishing at one of the most affable South Africa events. Wherever your destination is, one of the illustrious events in South Africa is sure to find you, and including it on your list of things to do will provide an experience like no other.

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