Garden Route

One of South Africa’s most beautiful and popular destinations, the Garden Route, spans the southern coast for miles, featuring forested lagoons, winding rivers through deep-cut gorges, and spectacular beaches. Visitors will find an abundance of activities and things to do anywhere on the Garden Route, such as whale watching and wilderness safaris. Accommodations are plentiful, and recreational facilities are there in scores. Several national parks and reserves are located along this stretch of coast, peacefully sheltering the fine flora and fauna of the area. One of the ten most-visited attractions in South Africa is on this route: the Cango Caves. Even with all there is to do in South Africa, this attraction is a must-see that visitors are sure to enjoy, particularly if they take part in a Garden Route safari.

Running more than a hundred miles along the coast, the Garden Route in South Africa, like the Drakensberg and Kruger National Park, is among the most-visited destinations in the country. The most remarkable aspects of this attraction are the lush vegetation, the gorgeous scenery, and the abundance of wildlife. With life pulsing from every corner, the Garden Route is a paradise for nature-lovers. Scenic trails wind through the tangled forests, revealing displays of color as birds take to flight and stunning panoramic views of the ocean from high in the hills.

Ordinary vacationers and adventure-seekers alike can always find something to do during a visit to the Garden Route in South Africa. Being on the coast, there are plenty of opportunities for scuba diving, snorkeling, and surfing. Perhaps a bit of kayaking or flat-water paddling trip is in order. During its peak season, whale watching is another popular pastime along the route. On the many trails through the mountains, hikers, bikers, and horseback riders take advantage of every occasion for their sport of choice. For an aerial view, paragliding, scenic flights, and even skydiving are available in some places.

Nature is not the only alluring fascination along the route, however; the local life and culture are another desirable attraction for visitors. Many tourists take advantage of the guided tours of the towns and museums. A little souvenir shopping at the local markets is often just as exciting as a scenic hike through the woods.

Relaxation is a crucial part of visiting the Garden Route in South Africa. While on vacation, play a round of golf, hit a few polo fields for some exercise, or relax in a mud bath at one of the many health spas along the route.

Among the scores of activities is one particularly popular option—the Garden Route safari. Several national parks and reserves lie on this route, including Addo Elephant Park and Tsitsikamma National Park, where sightings of elephants and black rhinos await tourists. The Cango Caves are another important feature along the route, a top ten visited attraction in South Africa. Garden Route tours are also available, featuring guided and self driven excursions. Oftentimes, hotels offer packages with these tours that include a Garden Route safari.

From traipsing along the lush trails on a safari adventure to skydiving for a unique view of the coast, vacationers are sure to enjoy the lovely surroundings, exciting escapades, and intriguing history of this South African destination. There is an array of lodging available, and the options range in amenities to suit the needs of every visitor, regardless of their tastes and budget.

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