Johannesburg South Africa

Located in South Africa's eastern plateau area known as Highveld, Johannesburg South Africa is the capital of the affluent Gauteng province, which is the wealthiest in South Africa, and the country's economic hub. Johannesburg is home to the country's major mining, banking, and investment companies, as well as the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. The city's skyline certainly reflects the Johannesburg's status as a modern commercial center, featuring some of Africa's tallest buildings. However, while commerce may be the heartbeat that keeps the Johannesburg metropolis thriving, the city offers a great deal more than commerce to visitors, including everything from museums and shopping to dining and nightlife.

Johannesburg South Africa is home to many museums and galleries that are likely to be of interest to those on a Johannesburg vacation. One of the main museums to check out is the Apartheid Museum; other choices include the Hector Peiterson Museum and several art museums. If your travel to Johannesburg is part of a family vacation, you can include the Johannesburg Zoo and the Gold Reef City amusement park on your itinerary. As the day draws to a close, travel to Johannesburg suburbs such as Norwood for fine dining and trendy Melville for lively cafes and happening nightlife.

Because the city is such a major commercial hub, when you are ready to call it a night you'll find a wide variety of Johannesburg hotels and other lodging options from which to choose. From luxury hotels to budget accommodations, there is something to accommodate any kind of Johannesburg travel budget. One way to save on accommodation is by booking vacation packages, which often bundle together the price of flights and lodging and other add-ons such as car rentals or admission to popular attractions.

Johannesburg travel is convenient throughout the year, as the area enjoys a relatively sunny and dry climate. Don't expect a completely arid landscape though—despite the dry conditions, Johannesburg sustains the world's largest man-made forest, with more than 10 million trees. One thing to keep in mind while planning your travel to Johannesburg is that the opening and closing matches of the 2010 FIFA World Cup will be held in Johannesburg. Sports fanatics will want to time their Johannesburg travel to coincide with the matches; others may want to plan around this busy time. Another thing to keep in mind with travel to Johannesburg is that crime can be a problem, so be sure to stay alert.

Johannesburg is served by Africa's largest airport and the main airport for international flights. From Johannesburg, travelers can easily explore other South African cities, taking flights to destinations such as Cape Town and Durban. With South Africa's major airport nearby, most travelers to the country pass through Johannesburg at some point regardless of where else their South Africa vacation may take them.

While travelers often simply use Johannesburg as a jumping off point to visit other points of interest such as Cape Town and Durban and the country's many wildlife reserves, Johannesburg does offer a variety of attractions that make it a destination in its own right. From museums and shopping downtown to fine dining and lively nightlife in the trendy suburbs, Johannesburg South Africa has everything you need for a diverse, enjoyable vacation.

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