Kgalagadi National Park

Similar to the Richtersveld Transfrontier Park,  the Kgalagadi Park in South Africa is known as a transfrontier park, as it straddles the border with the Gemsbok National Park in Botswana, and is managed as one ecological unit. The park is full of diverse wildlife despite the sparse vegetation. It was first established in 1931 to prevent the poaching of wild animals, especially the desert antelope, also known as the gemsbok, which runs in herds at the Kgalagadi Game Reserve. Several tours of the park are available to visitors, including morning and sunset driving excursions. In addition, accommodations are comfortable and plentiful. Guests from every walk of life are sure to enjoy the Kalahari experience, no matter where else their South Africa vacation may take them.

Red sand dunes dominate the scenery in Kgalagadi National Park. The driving heat scorches the earth, especially sizzling at midday. Vegetation is meager, and water is scant, yet herds of gemsbok graze and flourish on what little there is. The sleek figure and stark black eyes of this graceful creature seem to hold the secret of survival in seemingly unbearable conditions. Wildlife fills every corner if the Kgalagadi Park in South Africa. The black-mane lion stalks the earth along with the other predators, including the leopard and cheetah. Springbok beat the ground with their hooves, while the mongoose and honey badgers scurry about, gathering provisions.

Five things to look for on your Kgalagadi National Park tour are, of course, the gemsbok, meerkats, the black-mane Kalahari lion, weaver birds and their communal nests, and the Pygmy falcons, Africa’s smallest bird of prey. Several driving trails meander throughout the wild country of the Kgalagadi Game Reserve, giving visitors an excellent chance to observe the stunning South African wildlife. Other activities to enjoy include lectures and slideshows at the information center; morning, sunset, and night drives; swimming; and camping.

Guests of the park are welcome to take up lodging at one of the three rest camps or camping areas in the Kgalagadi National Park. Each of the rest camps includes comfortable facilities, as well as restaurants, shops, swimming pools, gas, and information centers. Tourists will find a great deal of activities to enjoy amidst their beautiful surroundings, and most will enjoy the quiet and remote location of the park, which is far from any major cities in South Africa—Upington, for instance, is 1550 miles away, while Johannesburg is a distant 560 miles.

The flourishing wildlife at Kgalagadi Park in South Africa offers tons of adventure and a delightful experience in the sizzling territories where the desert antelope leap and bound in marvelous herds. Driving trails present a wonderful opportunity to capture life in action and charming vistas. Visitors of the Kgalagadi Game Reserve will leave with beautiful memories of a real South African experience.

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