Madikwe Game Reserve

One of the latest park developments in South Africa, Madikwe Game Reserve was opened in 1991. In addition to protecting the wildlife, this reserve was established to assist in strengthening the poor surrounding communities and bolstering the local economy. Visitors to the park can take a guided tour through the reserve and stay at one of the many lodges located within Madwikwe Reserve or in local accommodations in the surrounding areas.

Covering more than 150,000 acres, Madikwe Game Reserve is the fifth-largest reserve in South Africa and supports a wide range of wildlife, including the so-called Big Five game animals: lions, leopards, elephants, cape buffalo, and black rhinoceroses. A game reserve corridor is in the works between Madikwe reserve and Pilanesberg National Park, which is nearby and another attraction worth visiting if you're interested in South Africa's national parks. The landscape at Madikwe is predominantly grassland and bushveld, which is a subtropical woodland area with rocky outcroppings, which gives visitors wonderful opportunities for panoramic photos.

Safari packages and specials are available to visitors of the park. The reserve offers packages at their lodges along with affiliate hotels that include accommodations and activities on a safari in Madikwe. Travelers particularly seeking adventure might look into staying at a Madikwe game lodge or taking safaris, as Madikwe Game Reserve has dozens of driving and hiking trails for guided and self-guided tours. Private vehicles are allowed only in certain areas of the park, so be aware and know what to expect during your visit to the Madikwe reserve.

Overnight visitors may want to book a Madikwe game lodge. These lodges are often expensive, but they offer comfortable accommodations and a unique opportunity to stay close to the wildlife. Some of these lodgings are former privately owned homesteads donated to the park; the Bush House in the western part of the Madikwe reserve is one of these beautiful homes.

Another popular option is the Madikwe River Lodge, which is sumptuous and nestled deep in the heart of the reserve along the Groot Marico River. Another option for travelers is to stay at one of the community lodges, located and run by the surrounding villages. The profits of these accommodations support the surrounding communities, and whether you stay in a Madikwe game lodge or a community lodge, your visit will be surely delightful and memorable.

The Madikwe reserve is among the largest national parks in the country, providing visitors with picturesque vistas, exciting adventure, and charming accommodations to fit the venue. Although it is not among the most popular, it is a hidden jewel of South Africa, especially as the Madikwe Game Reserve is intent on preserving the local wildlife and supporting the local communities. Abundantly equipped with adventurous safaris, charming scenery, and comfortable lodgings, the Madikwe reserve is a stop visitors are sure to enjoy, no matter where else their South Africa vacation takes them.

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