Timbavati Private Nature Reserve

Once the home of the elusive white lion, Timbavati Private Nature Reserve covers a wide territory of land and shares an open border with Kruger National Park, allowing animals free range access to both reserves. Accommodations range from the luxurious game lodges to traditional campsites, offering plenty in the way of choices to suit your tastes and budget for your South Africa vacation. Wildlife can be seen on tour of the Timbavati Nature Reserve or from the comfort of your own room.

The great wildness of South Africa is in evidence at Timbavati Private Nature Reserve. The Lush greenery of grasslands and bushvelt trees span the area. The rare white lion was once resident on this reserve, though, since its first sighting in the 1970s, it has moved its territory further into the Kruger National Park. The color of this lion, or rather, the lack of color is caused by a condition known as leucism, which is related to the loss of pigmentation. While being world-famous, the white lion is not the only animal that flourished here. Many species are dispersed throughout the park, including giraffes, leopards, and zebra. The Big Five (lions, leopards, Cape buffalo, African elephants, and black rhinos) are among the animals that roam the open borders of Timbavati Nature Reserve and Kruger National Park.

Several options for accommodations are located throughout the Timbavati Private Reserve. Luxury game lodges include sumptuous surroundings and lavish amenities; for instance, the Royal Legend Safari Lodge reaches the heights of elegance in the midst of the wild bush. Each chalet features glass on both sides, so guests have a view of the seasonal river on one side and the African plains on the other. On occasion, visitors will experience an up-close encounter with one of the animals that boldly come quite close to the lodges due to the minimum intrusion with which they are constructed. More traditional lodges are built with thatch and wood. Overall, the Timbavati Nature Reserve campsites are a more immersed approach to a safari vacation.

The flora and fauna of Timbavati Private Nature Reserve can be experienced in several different ways, from going on a safari to standing still behind the glass of your cabin. A very special safari at this park is the Elephant Back Safari. Twelve trained elephants were brought from Zimbabwe to this reserve to protect them from the onslaught of farms, and these elephants' mates have also joined them at Timbavati. Guests of the park will have the opportunity to meet these elephants and learn about them and their way of life during the safari. Visitors who undertake this experience will leave with a keen sense of respect and love for not only these creatures but all elephants, and they will have earned the respect of the elephants in return. Regardless of how long you stay at Timbavati, this is one safari that is not to be missed.

With all of the exciting activities here, guests will cherish an unforgettable experience. Every lodge at Timbavati welcomes visitors with open arms, and the accommodations are full of amenities and facilities even though they're located right in the middle of the wild bush of Africa. With something that every traveler will enjoy, the Timbavati Private Reserve is one of the best things to do in South Africa, especially if you're fascinated by the country's wildlife.

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