Upington South Africa

Located in the northwestern part of the Northern Cape province, Upington South Africa was named for Sir Thomas Upington, a nineteenth-century Cape Colony prime minister. Now, Upington serves as a major agricultural hub and also as the gateway to a variety of popular tourist destinations, such as the Kgalagadi National Park and the neighboring countries of Namibia and Botswana. Upington is generally considered the hottest town in South Africa, so be prepared for sunny weather and high temperatures. In addition to serving as a jumping off point for exploring popular attractions nearby, Upington also offers a number of attractions within the city to engage its visitors.

Upington South Africa is located in the fertile Orange River valley and is a major agricultural and commercial center in the Northern Cape province. Among the crops grown are fruit, including dates and grapes, and cotton. The area is also a major wine-producing region, with most of the production coming from the Orange River Wine Cellars Cooperation, which happens to be South Africa's largest cooperative. While many of the grapes grown here are used as table grapes or dried into raisins, wine tasting can be arranged in advance for your Upington vacation.

Upington travel is popularly scheduled as a last stop for travelers embarking on a tour of the Kalahari desert or heading off to visit parks and nature preserves such as the Kgalagadi National Park. After stocking up on provisions at the Upington supermarkets, head to Kgalagadi for a safari. The Kgalagadi National Park landscape consists of red sand dunes and little vegetation, making it easy to glimpse wildlife. Among other species, Gemsbok antelope, lions, sociable weavers (birds), and pygmy falcons can all be seen at the Kgalagadi National Park. Other nature reserves are even closer, such as the Spitskop Nature Reserve. To see the stunning waterfall of Augrabies Falls National Park, travel west.

While Upington South Africa is a simply a pit stop for many travelers, there are several in-town attractions to enjoy during Upington travel. Visit the Kalahari Orange Museum to learn the history of Upington and the surrounding region. There are also two well-known animal statues in Upington—a camel statue and a donkey statue. Golfing enthusiasts can even squeeze in a game at the Upington Golf Course

Travel to Upington is relatively convenient. There are inexpensive bus routes from Cape Town and other cities. When it comes to lodging, there is an array of options for Upington hotels, from luxury accommodations to bed & breakfasts and self-catering apartments. A great way to save money on accommodation for your Upington vacation and travel to South Africa in general is to research special deals and vacation packages ahead of time, and to book lodging far in advance.

Many travelers plan their Upington vacation as a stepping-stone to reach destinations such as the Kgalagadi National Park, but visitors will find a lively little town with a variety of activities and lodging options, and spending some time here is well worth including on your itinerary. With a little advance planning, Upington travel will fit perfectly into a memorable South African vacation.

Upington South Africa


Located in the northwestern part of the Northern Cape province, Upington Sout...

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