South Africa Trip

Travel to South Africa gives visitors a chance to experience one of the most interesting and striking places on the Dark Continent. Travelers considering the best time to travel to South Africa will discover that anytime is a good time, as many activities, such as eco tours, wine tours, and visits to the cities of Johannesburg and Cape Town, are possible year-round. Always filled with charm and attractions from safaris to festivals, this country is known for its abundance of sunshine and warmth.

Although there is no bad time to go, the best time for travel to South Africa depends on the seasons and travelers’ interests. Seasons play a leading role in the variation of activities that are available during trips to South Africa, but travelers should be aware that south of the equator, the seasons are opposite of that in the Northern Hemisphere. Safaris and bird-watching are best done during the spring, when everything is in bloom. Adventure-seekers flock to visit South Africa during the summer months for diving, surfing, and hiking. The mild winter is a fine time for trips to South Africa and to take advantage of the beautiful beaches on the coast, which is often a good fit for northern travelers, as it coincides with their summer.

The dry season, from June to September, is the best time for African safaris and watching wildlife. Plenty of national reserves span the countryside of South Africa, and while there are several, including Addo Elephant National Park and Sabi Sands, which is the most exclusive and luxurious national park in South Africa, the largest and most popular remains Kruger National Park. Look for the Big Five game animals at Kruger while you enjoy the thriving vegetation and comfortable accommodations. South Africa is a great place for whale watching, which is in season from June to December. Water adventure activities are in high demand from December to February, South Africa’s wet season, and throughout the summer, which lasts from November to March, visitors and locals alike gather on the shores of the Cape.

Holidays are another major factor in deciding the best time for a South Africa trip. Schools and businesses close, and locals head for the popular vacation spots; December and January, South Africa’s summer, mark the busiest tourist season of the year. Winter is another time when visitors will likely find locals congregating for warmer weather. While large crowds are not for everyone, the lively atmosphere is a good fit for travelers who seek excitement and enthusiasm.

South African summers are quite warm; in fact, they can be downright hot, and summer rains can add to the sweltering humidity and stickiness. Beach and shore trips to South Africa are popular during this time. Winter makes for a great vacation for almost any type of activity during a South Africa trip. While the climate is generally favorable for travel throughout the year, travelers planning a South Africa trip should keep an eye on the weather conditions when planning their vacation and considering the country's many attractions.

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