Tunisia is the northernmost country in Africa and is located on the Mediterranean coast directly south of Italy and Malta. Those planning to travel to Tunisia will find the country rich in history as well as in sparkling golden beaches, and the beach hotels and resorts are fast becoming some of the biggest tourist attractions of the country. Resorts such as Djerba and Tabarka offer soft sand beaches, crystal-clear Mediterranean waters, and a variety of water activities, while their excellent restaurants offer the best in Tunisian cuisine.

Tunisia has a fascinating history, with diverse peoples including the Phoenicians, Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, Turks, and in more recent centuries, the Spanish and the French, all having inhabited this small North African country in the past. One of the most famous historical sights to see when you travel to Tunisia is the ruin of the ancient city of Carthage, one of the major empires of the ancient world. The city and its founder, the mythical princess Dido, were immortalized in Virgil's poem, the Aeneid. Today these ruins are located just nine miles from the capital city of Tunis and are a must-see on Tunisia holidays. Punic (Carthaginian) and Roman ruins can be seen, as well as ancient baths, houses, temples, and shrines. History buffs on vacation in Tunisia will cherish a visit to the internationally renowned Bardo Museum in Tunis, which showcases amazing exhibits about the ancient world, including Roman, Islamic, and Punic artifacts, as well as an impressive collection of mosaics, such as the unique portrait of Virgil.

Most Tunisia holidays involve some sort of sunbathing, as this sunny country has a warm Mediterranean climate and some beautiful beaches. One of the best places to get a hotel on the beach is the island of Djerba, located off the southeastern coast of Tunisia. This small island paradise is one of the best ecologically preserved destinations in the area, and visitors to Djerba can tan on the beach or explore what the rest of the island has to offer. A variety of water sports are available, including wind-surfing, sailing, and swimming. Travelers can also tour the island on bicycle or on foot, stopping to savor the unique local traditions at the fish markets, silversmiths, potters' studios, and local restaurants. Another excellent place to enjoy water activities is at the marina at the charming Tunisian village of Port El Kantaoui, located close to the town of Sousse on Tunisia's eastern coast.

Those who travel to Tunisia will enjoy the best of North African food, from the unleavened tabouna bread to the spicy harissa sauce. Lamb is the meat mainstay of the country, while abundant fresh seafood also contributes to the delicious flavors of the local cuisine. Guests on Tunisia holidays will find their taste buds awakened with the spicy exotic flavors of various stews and dishes such as tajine, an omelet baked with meat, cheese, and other flavorings.

English is widely understood in tourist areas, but the official language of Tunisia is Arabic. French is still used, a remnant of colonial times, particularly in business dealings. Tourists should keep in mind that Tunisia is a Muslim country, and a modest dress code should be observed in order to avoid stares and catcalls. A respectful smile and pleasant attitude will go a long way towards preventing any unfriendliness from vendors or hawkers and will help make your stay in Tunisia an unforgettable and enjoyable experience.

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