Djerba Tunisia

Djerba Tunisia is an island off the eastern Mediterranean coast of the country. Djerba is one of the most beautiful spots for natural scenery in the country, and it is lined with beautiful golden beaches. Tourists will find the island an excellent place to experience traditional Tunisian culture and sample local cuisine. Hotels abound on the beaches, both modern and traditional in style, and visitors can also party at clubs in Djerba or even gamble in a casino.

Djerba Tunisia is known as the isle of forgetfulness. This name was perhaps attributed to the island because of its reputation as the island of the lotus-eaters; in Roman legend, the hero Ulysses, upon his visit to the Djerba beaches, almost lost his men to the beautiful maidens of the island who fed the men the lotus flower. The men were intoxicated by the flowers and it was with great difficulty that Ulysses convinced them to return to their ship. Today, the island is an oasis of beautiful palms, gardens, olive trees, and citrus and pomegranate trees, ringed with the sandy white Djerba beaches. Amid the idyllic natural setting, various traditional houses, known as menzels, shine white among the greenery. These domed white houses with blue trim are unique to Djerba Tunisia, and some of the menzels have been converted into hotels. Among the houses many small mosques can be seen, and Djerba has the only Kharidjite Islamic sect currently active today.

The capital of Djerba Tunisia is Houmt Souk, a small but lively town with a central souk, or market, filled with colorful handicrafts, including traditional clothing, handmade jewelry, leather goods, pottery, and woven straw goods. Many tourists who travel to Djerba Tunisia will stop in Houmt Souk to explore the Museum of Folklore and Popular Art, which showcases traditional clothing and jewelry, and the Fortress of Borj el-Kebir, a brilliantly whitewashed fifteenth-century Arab fortress. Many smaller towns around Djerba specialize in handicrafts, such as the village of Guellala, which is renowned for its pottery, which is considered among the best in Tunisia.

Djerba is also an ideal place to relax on the beach. Tunisia is one of the most liberal and open nations in North Africa, and its tourist industry reflects this with upscale beach resorts lined up on the Djerba beaches. Many of the resorts in Djerba Tunisia offer excellent value for money, and many European tourists flock to the five-star hotels to take advantage of the spas, the beach views, and the stellar service. The Hasdrubal Thalassa Spa in Houmt Souk, for example, offers a five-star resort experience with many spa treatments on offer. As for clubs in Djerba, most of Djerba's nightlife is primarily associated with the hotels and resorts. Houmt Souk also offers the Djerba Casino and several hotel options near there. For those looking to party all night, Houmt Souk is also the largest town and the best place to find restaurants, bars, and more clubs in Djerba.

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Djerba Tunisia


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