Zambia is a destination teeming with natural beauty, including the spectacular Victoria Falls, several national parks, and the roaring Zambezi River.

Zambia boasts without doubt some of Africa's largest water resources contributing to rich grass land which sustains villages and wildlife alike. Not only does Zambia boarder the impressive Victoria Falls but it also contains 17 other cascading waterfalls, plus rivers and the huge Lakes of Kariba and Tanganyika.

Any sport enthusiast will be pleased to learn that a Zambia vacation often involves participating in adrenalin enthused activities ranging from white water rafting and canoeing to bungee jumping and abseiling. All of these activities are in addition to what Zambia travel is famous for, including excellent river fishing, wildlife watching and exploring African culture!

Zambia tourism is still emerging. For most visitors, included on a Zambia travel itinerary is a visit to a game park on a Zambia safari.

The Kafue National Park is Zambia's largest game reserve and twice the size of Yellowstone National Park in the USA. A number of the world biggest predators can be found here among much of the wooded park, resting in the shade of fig trees while keeping a watchful eye on their pray grazing in the clearings.

One of Zambia's most successful game reserves is the South Luangwa National Park with its amazing diversity of wildlife. By having been one of the first to offer walking tours, the park continues to be famous for offering a unique Zambia tourism experience. A fantastic wildlife sanctuary, the park has an exceptionally high number of wildlife concentrated around the Luangwa River. A popular Zambia attraction, the park is home to 400 hundred species of birds and 60 different animal species. Famous for its walking tours, visitors can expect to pass yawning hippos, smiling crocodiles, antelope, baboons and hyenas. There are also small herds of Zebra and Giraffe. 4 of the Big 5 can be found here including leopards, lions, elephant and buffalo. Sadly Rhinos are absent having been hunted to extinction in the region.

An emerging Zambia attraction west of Chingola by the Kafue River is the Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage where visitors can get acquainted with Chimpanzees. The centre is now a sanctuary and rehabilitation centre for many endangered species of chimpanzees that have been rescued from poachers.

A Zambia vacation highlight and popular for activities like white water rafting is the impressive Zambezi river. The Zambezi is the fourth largest river in Africa after the Nile, Zaire and Niger Rivers. The river runs through six countries into central Africa from the Indian Ocean, passing through the huge Kariba Dam. The raw power of the Zambezi has carved one of Zambia"s other main attractions, the spectacular Victoria Falls and Batoka Gorge. The importance of the river cannot be underestimated. It sustains people, wildlife, fishing industries and Zambia tourism.

Acting as a spring board for visiting the most famous Zambia attraction of all, the Victoria Falls, is Livingstone. Located only 10km from the world's most well-known waterfall, the town emits a continual buzz of excitement. Livingstone itself is renowned as a place for adventure activities including legendary white water rafting and bungee jumping. Having been named after the missionary and explorer David Livingstone, the small town reflects its colonial heritage with tin roofed Victorian era buildings complete with verandas. With neighboring Zimbabwe in strife, a Zambia vacation offers the only real chance to get up close and personnel to the magnificent Victoria Falls.

Livingstone also boasts two excellent museums. The Maramba Cultural Museum is in fact a cultural village displaying the famous arts and crafts of the region. The village is full of craftsmen who continue to use traditional methods when plying their trade. The Livingstone Museum meanwhile showcases archaeological artifacts from the region.

Without doubt a Zambia vacation is a fantastic introduction to Africa offering an experience like no other.



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