Zambia Safaris

Zambia safaris are one of the main reasons tourists flock to Zambia—to see the amazing diversity of wildlife. An Africa safari is not only the best way to view the unique animal and bird species of the region but also a fantastic way to explore the spectacular landscape and rural culture of the African people.

Zambia safari holidays in particular are as diverse as its wildlife. Options for Zambia safaris are numerous. While traditional open top vehicle safaris are the norm, Zambia is famed for its walking safaris allowing you to get up really close and personal with the animals. Meanwhile, specialist photographic Zambia safaris, bird watching trips and canoeing safaris offer enthusiasts their own unique experience.

Open top 4x4 vehicle safaris are a consistently popular way to view game. The advantage here is that the mobility means greater distances can be travelled across the vast game parks in pursuit of the big 5 (Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo and Rhino). A 4x4 Zambian safari can be taken along with the exclusivity of a 5 star bush camp, where you can be wined and dined and pampered with a proper bed. Early morning and late afternoon game drives with an experienced guide and tracker make sure that you miss nothing. Your guide will also provide insight into animal behavior, local culture, flora and fauna. Night drives are also the best way to capture African wildlife activity at its busiest. Game lodges and private game parks offer group tours but also tailor made itineraries just for you.

Zambia safari holidays would not be one without a uniquely Zambian safari experience. A walking safari allows a more personnel experience with the environment rather than the clatter of a 4x4. Nothing will beat walking through the vegetation led by your guide following ground sign to track the movement of a lion that passed through the area last night before experiencing the thrill of spotting one further along your route. With smaller groups, a walking safari in Zambia allows a more intimate experience with nature allowing you to get closer with the animals. Most of Zambia's game lodges offer walking Zambia safaris in each of the National parks.

With some of the highest numbers of bird species on the African continent, a safari in Zambia will inevitably be accompanied by bird song. The Lochinvar National Park in particular is an Africa safari birding hot spot. Expert guides and skilled bird spotters will take you through Zambia's bustling bird habitats where over 740 species of bird life are present.

Alternatively why not try a canoeing Zambian safari on the Zambezi River. This offers a unique Africa safari experience and a relaxing way to explore the wildlife and stunning landscapes surrounding the source of the Victoria Falls. Canoeing Zambia safari holidays of the Lower Zambezi River offer the ultimate experience. This area of the Zambezi is flanked either side by National Parks full of wildlife. The bonus is that visitors are more likely to see a variety of animals as wildlife congregate around the precious water source that you also happen to be paddling on. Several Africa safari companies offer 3-5 day trips with guide where you can navigate your way down river to pre-determined riverside lodges or campsites before picking up your oars again in the morning and continuing down river. Alternatively adventure travel agencies also offer 1 day or overnight trips. The overnight bush camps come complete with porters, meals and for the luxury packages, a comfortable bed to sleep in. The extra touches no doubt give you some much appreciated comfort after a long day paddling.

The experience of a Zambian safari will be forever remembered but with so many different ways to take a safari in Zambia, the decision is not to whether to go on safari at all but to decide which way you want to do it!

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