Zambia Tours

Zambia tours are a great way to get the best out of your destination by packing in all the top Zambia tourist attractions in one inclusive trip. A Zambia tour generally takes one of two forms. It can be part of a set itinerary or ever more popular, tailor made just to you.

Taking in an organized tour, whether tailor made or not, offers you convenience and takes much of the holiday strain off you, leaving you to do what you came to Zambia for, enjoy yourself.

While a Zambia tour is a fantastic way to experience all that this African nation has to offer, it doesn't just have to be confined to Zambia. Why not arrange for a longer duration tour and take in some of the highlights of South Africa, Botswana, Namibia or even Tanzania and Kenya! These types of Zambia tours can be as little as 10 days long, including an overland route between different countries with one acting as a point of arrival while you fly back home from the other. For larger East Africa adventures, tours start from around 21 days long extending to 36 days all inclusive.

However you want to spend your time, a Zambia vacation can accommodate the Zambia tourist attractions you want to see. Customize your Zambia tour requirement to suit your budget. The price you pay will reflect how inclusive and luxurious you want your tour to be. With many variations of tours on offer you are bound to find one to suit your needs. You can certainly do it on a budget if you don"t mind dispensing with the odd luxuary or two. Many Zambia tours are based around specific activities like bird watching, walking safaris or canoeing safaris. You can even combine a camping trip with a cruise down the Zambezi River. The possibilities are endless.

Its easy to find Zambia tours on offer either within Zambia or from your home country. Generally it is going to be more expensive buying a tour from home than if you sign up to one once your in Zambia. However, if your on a tight time frame and know what you want to see and do, it may be more convienient to buy a tour from your home country before you depart. Having a plan for your trip is never a bad thing! For those a little more adventurous, getting on a tour once you arrive should be no problem. There are plenty of opportunities with local tourist boards, guest houses and hotels all promoting set tours.

The type of tour you want is likely to influence when you decide to travel to Zambia. The tropical climate brings both dry and wet seasons. Each season brings a different perspective. The Victoria Falls are most dramatic in April and May while the dry season of October to December reveals impressive rock formations. River rafting and canoeing are not advised during the height of the rainy season due to flooding. The dry season from late August to December is best for game viewing as animals gather around the remaining water holes. For bird watching, immediately after the wet season when the land is green and lush offers the best viewing.

Whichever Zambia tour you choose, you can be assured that you will be well looked after. A tour can be as inclusive or as luxurious as you desire. Typically included would be park entrance fees, meals, snacks, safari activities, accommodation and transfers. Things to be considered that may not be included are tips, visa costs, insurance and possibly the odd meal or two.

Zambia tourism offers some of the best attractions in Africa. Zambia tourist attractions such the mighty Victoria Falls can be combined with other popular Zambia tourism pastimes such as a safari to the Kafue National Park, South Luangwa and Lower Zambezi National Parks. Zambia tourism also boats some particularly adventurous sports. The hub of Livingstone is a spring board for activities like white water rafting, canoeing, abseiling and paragliding.

The trick to a successful organized tour is choosing your requirements carefully and fitting the Zambia tour to your needs. Questions like value, participation, and accommodation are central to meeting your expectations and picking the right tour for you. The right tour is a gateway to experiencing the fantastic culture, history, language and religion of these friendly people.

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