Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls Zambia is a sight to behold, forming one of the world's most dramatic waterfalls. While the Victoria Falls may not be the highest or widest ever recorded, it is known as the world's largest. Cascading over the edge of the falls is the largest amount of free falling water in the world.

The Victoria Falls is undoubtedly one of Africa's major attractions. Located in southern Africa, the Victoria Falls South Africa borders both Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Victoria Falls Zambia is also a haven for much of Africa's wildlife. The winding Zambezi River is the source of the falls and acts as Zambia's vital artery by supplying the means to sustain crops, animals and human habitation.

There are a host of means to view the natural phenomenon of the falls. Micro-light flights offer a unique way to explore the Zambezi River, before zipping over the edge of the Victoria Falls South Africa and taking in the breathtaking view. Helicopter trips and fixed wing aircraft flights are also available.

Surrounding the Victoria Falls itself are the Batoka Gorges. The series of gorges led to the construction of the Victoria Falls Bridge. Spanning over the second gorge the bridge affords spectacular 360 panoramic views.

Opposite the torrent of water pouring over the tip of the Victoria Falls, is the first gorge. Sitting atop is a natural ridge that peers out from the forest and offers a natural viewing platform from which to take in the magnificent spectacle. Visitors can walk a network of paths and viewing platforms that link up to allow you the opportunity to explore the full might of the Zambezi. There are few other waterfalls of this size in the world that can be viewed so close on foot.

The Victoria Falls Zambia also boasts a feature just as famous as the falls themselves. A naturally formed pool known as the Devil's Swimming Pool sits right on the edge as water crashes over into the gorge far below. During times of the year when the river flow is at the right level, visitors can swim right up to the edge of the falls without being swept over by the strong current. A natural rock wall sitting just below the water line acts as a safety barrier.

Victoria travel to the falls can also incorporate a visit to either of the two national parks located there. Although relatively small, the Mosi-oa-Tunya and Victoria Falls National Parks contain many species of animals both big and small. The Victoria Falls South Africa is part of the wider Victoria Falls National Park which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can also visit the Mukuni Craft Village which sells intricate wooden and stone carvings.

Victoria travel is well served by the tourism industry. Locals and tourists alike visit the Victoria Falls South Africa from both Zimbabwean and Zambian sides. Both countries offer visitors a different perspective on the famous attraction.

With Zimbabwe dipping in and out of strife, Victoria travel is best taken from Zambia. However, tourists can make day trips to the falls across the opposing boarders without obtaining visas in advance, although this is subject to change. Tours to the Victoria Falls can also be arranged from South Africa and Botswana through local tourist boards and tour agencies.

From Zambia, Livingstone is a major hub for day tours to the falls. While Victoria travel is well served by guided group tours, the falls are also well connected by local transport for those wanting a little more independence.

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls Zambia is a sight to behold, forming one of the world's most d...

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