Zimbabwe is one of the most spectacular countries to visit in Africa. It boasts the one of the most famous natural wonders in Africa, Victoria Falls, as well as ancient ruins, amazing wildlife and national parks, and cosmopolitan cities. Although recent economic crises have set the Zimbabwe travel industry back a bit, it remains one of the most interesting and tourist-friendly places to visit on the continent.

The most popular attraction for Zimbabwe tourism is the breathtaking Victoria Falls, one of the largest waterfalls in the world. A member of many lists of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, Victoria Falls towers 360 feet high (almost three times higher than Niagara Falls) and is nearly a mile wide. This World Heritage Site is located on the Zambezi River on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is one of the best locations to go for tourists on vacations in Zimbabwe Africa, as the falls have been extensively developed with a tourist town, shopping areas, and several resort hotels and lodges. Seeing the spectacular curtain of water as it rushes over a sheer drop at the first gorge in the falls system is the experience of a lifetime. Victoria Falls is also the adrenaline destination of Zimbabwe travel, and adventurers can bungee jump, zip line over the falls, and go white-water rafting, among other sports. Wildlife can also be glimpsed on hiking and canoe trips, safaris, and other excursions organized by tour operators at the falls.

Another popular destination to visit during vacations in Zimbabwe Africa is the array of mysterious ancient ruins at Great Zimbabwe. The remnants of a now-lost African civilization are available for visitors to explore, and you can marvel at the unique dry-stone architecture of the large stone complex, which includes temples, palaces, and towers. The skilled architects of this civilization built the city's stone buildings and walls with precisely split granite blocks, fitted together so well that they did not need the help of mortar. The civilization here was at one point advanced enough to trade with countries as far away as China and the Arab nations, as artifacts found in the complex include Chinese coins and other items from around the world. Great Zimbabwe is one of the most interesting places to visit during your Zimbabwe travel, and this World Heritage Site is one of the cultural and historical gems of the country.

Many people will pass through Harare on their vacations in Zimbabwe Africa, as it is the international hub for travelers arriving in the country. However, travelers should not discount the attractions of Zimbabwe's capital city. Harare is the heart of Zimbabwe's culture and economy, and this cosmopolitan city has several interesting buildings to visit and is a great place to unwind at one of the excellent restaurants and cafés that serve the international population of the city. The Harare National Gallery is a key attraction for those who want to glimpse some authentic Shona art. (The Shona people are the largest population group in Zimbabwe.) Tourists can also have their fill of shopping in the town, with street flea markets in multiple areas hawking colorful clothing and handicrafts. Harare also has international chain hotels with high standards and great service, ensuring that you find a comfortable place to stay.

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