Antarctica Flights

While most people go by boat, Antarctica flights are available for those who wish to visit the planet's southernmost continent. Flights to Antarctica aren't cheap, though as is true of the cruises, they are worth every penny. Antarctica is one of the world's last great frontiers, and a trip here could definitely be labeled as a vacation of a lifetime. Those who secure airfare to Antarctica usually board a boat at some point after their arrival, which allows them to get around to destinations such as Deception Island and the McMurdo Sound.

For those who are hoping to catch flights to Antarctica, it is important to remember that some flights don't land on the continent. They are merely sightseeing flights that allow you to get a bird's eye view of the terrain. While these kinds of Antarctica flights can be rewarding, sightseeing at ground level is something that you should strive to do. Should you want to do some ground level sightseeing after you fly to Antarctica, you can always fly to King George Island and hop on a cruise ship. King George Island is the largest of the South Shetland Islands, which are located near the Antarctic Peninsula. Extraordinary wildlife viewing opportunities await those who visit King George Island, and you can also visit some research stations here.

When booking flights to Antarctica that only do overflights, meaning that they don't land, the only tour operator that offers them is based in Australia. These Antarctica flights generally last around twelve hours. If you are looking to secure airfare to Antarctica that includes touching down on the continent, Punta Arenas Chile, will almost surely be your take off point. King George Island is the preferred destination for flights to Antarctica, and if you want to fly to other continental destinations after touching down, there are companies that offer some pretty amazing trips into places like the Antarctic interior. Perhaps you'll want to fly inland to pay the South Pole a visit. Not many world travelers, no matter how seasoned they are, can say that they have been to the South Pole.

Antarctica flights are limited to smaller aircrafts, as this isn't the kind of place that boasts a developed tourism infrastructure. In fact, few places on Earth are as pristine as Antarctica. While there are some manmade airstrips on some of the Antarctica islands, those who are looking to land on the mainland will have to rely on natural runways that are comprised of snow and ice. Understandably so, many people looking to secure airfare to Antarctica will prefer landing on a manmade runway. Remember to keep in mind the fact that it will be extremely difficult to find cheap Antarctica flights regardless of where you plan on landing. That's not willing to change anytime soon. There is an obvious advantage when it comes to Antarctica flights, however. They will definitely save you some time by getting you here quicker.

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