Antarctica Ports

The Antarctica ports aren't exactly akin to your average ports, in that a lot of them don't offer an overabundance of facilities. In fact, the Antarctica cruise ports are often pristine as can be. Most people travel around Antarctica in a fairly large cruise ship. When it comes time to stop in specific destinations, passengers either stay on the boat or hop in a small raft to explore. No country can claim any part of Antarctica as its own, so you don't need to show a visa or passport upon arrival. As such, there is little need for overdone ports with customs officials and things the like.

If you had to pick a destination to name as the main port of Antarctica, you might choose Port Lockroy, which can be found just off the Antarctic Peninsula on Wiencke Island. Here you will find a historic building that serves as a small museum. That's about all you'll find at this port, however, at least in the way of manmade things. Most of the cruise ships that head to Antarctica are fairly small, and they can get quite close to shore wherever they choose to go. Where the cruise ships can't go, small rafts known as Zodiacs are employed. Many cruise passengers make landings by way of Zodiac, and sometimes, helicopters are also used to get on land.

The Antarctica ports of call aren't always found on the mainland. More often than not, Antarctica cruises also visit the South Shetland Islands, which include islands such as Deception Island and King George Island. Landings can be made on these islands, as well as some of the subantarctic islands, which lie just north of the Antarctic Circle. King George Island is where some Antarctica flights arrive, by the way, so if you're looking to fly over, you might land there. For those who are flying, arrival terminals in Antarctica can also be found on the mainland. You can land near the South Pole, for instance, which is a popular way to go if you plan on visit the US-operated South Pole Station.

Ships are hardly limited to specific destinations when it comes to the Antarctica cruise ports. Small Antarctica ports have been established near many of the research stations that can be found here, though these ports aren't very developed. No port of Antarctica is developed when it comes down to it. Even ships that are transporting cargo usually stop offshore and transport goods to shore aboard smaller ships. As such, the ships that visit the continent essentially serve as Antarctica ports.

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