Departure Ports for Antarctica

Should you be wondering where to find departure ports for Antarctica cruises, you'll have to look to the southern hemisphere. Antarctica is the southernmost continent on the planet, and while you can fly here, most tourists arrive by way of boat. Ushuaia, Argentina is the port of choice for the bulk of the Antarctica cruise departures, so chances are good that you will board your ship there. The southern tip of Argentina isn't your only option when it comes to departure ports for Antarctica, however, and it's worth considering the other ports when planning your trip.

Antarctica travel is relatively expensive, though you can save on cruise fees if you stick to the departure ports for Antarctica that are found in South America. This has a lot to do with the fact that Antarctica cruises that depart from the southern edge of South America are the shortest. For some travelers, however, getting to South America could be quite costly in and of itself, and it might prove more cost effective to depart from a port that is closer to home. Other places that offer Antarctica cruise departures are Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

While there are a couple departure ports for Antarctica in South America, the Ushuaia, Argentina port is the main one. The port in neighboring Chile, which used to be a popular departure site, isn't nearly as popular as it used to be. For those who plan on flying, however, the airport in Punta Arenas, Chile remains a most popular option. Getting back to the Antarctica cruise departures, anyone who lives in Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa will have the luxury of leaving from their home countries.

Ushuaia Argentina is a beautiful city, and you'll likely find that it makes for an ideal place to hang out before starting your Antarctica cruise. Beautiful mountains tower above Ushuaia, and the port is about as scenic as it gets. Like Antarctica, Ushuaia stays pretty cold throughout the year, so don't forget to pack some high quality cold weather gear for your trip.

Now that you know where the main departure ports for Antarctica can be found, you might be wondering about the departure ports in Antarctica itself. The departure terminals in Antarctica can essentially be found all over the continent, as you can depart from any given point. The Antarctica cruises vary in length, and they also have specific or flexible itineraries that can feature a range of destinations. Visitors usually only set foot on land for side tours before returning to the ship. Since the ships can cruise the area waters as they please, the departure terminals in Antarctica aren't necessarily defined. Any given ship could leave from any number of natural ports. As a side note, many ships stick to the Antarctica Peninsula, the South Shetland Islands, and some of the subantarctic islands.

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