Expedition Cruises to Antarctica

More and more travelers who are looking for new horizons to explore are booking expedition cruises to Antarctica. These cruises are full of excitement, especially if you are crossing the usually rough Drake Passage. Thankfully, the ships that are used for Antarctica expedition cruises are suited for rough seas, not to mention the icy Antarctic waters. In addition to being well-equipped for adverse conditions, these ships are also relatively small in size, which allows them to access destinations that are unreachable by the larger cruise liners. Expedition cruises to Antarctica typically carry anywhere from 20 to 200 passengers, and you can book a private voyage if you have the funds.

Like all of the other Antarctica cruises, the expedition cruises feature specific destinations and knowledgeable guides. Because of the harsh climate, some expedition cruises to Antarctica do change their itineraries from time to time. The agenda can shift as well if passengers want to spend extra time at certain destinations, such as Paradise Harbor or Deception Island. Because of the fact that the Antarctica cruise expeditions carry a relatively small amount of passengers, flexibility can often be the name of the game. There are lots of options for things to do in Antarctica, and you're encouraged to weigh the options. Some expedition cruises to Antarctica can see you climbing, trekking, or taking advantage of educational tours, which is just the tip of the iceberg. Speaking of icebergs, viewing them up close in a Zodiac is often a featured activity on many Antarctic expedition cruises.

Zodiacs are small, inflatable rubber rafts that allow passengers on Antarctica cruise expeditions to get up close to things such as icebergs. You might even have the option of getting in a kayak to explore the area waters. Kayaking along the Ross Ice Shelf is sure to make for an unforgettable experience. Since Antarctica's landscape is breathtaking on the whole, many side tours that expedition cruise passengers can enjoy are focused on photography. You can wear your camera out while passing through the Lemaire Channel. Whatever the excursion may be, the Antarctica expedition cruises will feature competent guides to help you get the most out of your vacation experience.

In addition to taking numerous photos of the landscape, those who are enjoying Antarctica cruise expeditions can also take snapshots of the wildlife. Up close interaction is sometimes the name of the game when it comes to wildlife viewing in Antarctica, and you never know when a whale might grace the bottom of your kayak or Zodiac. Talk about a thrill! You don't have to leave the main ship if you don't want to on expedition cruises to Antarctica, but it is recommended if you want to get the most out of your trip. More and more cruises to Antarctica feature onshore excursions, and visits to research stations can also figure on the itinerary.

Expedition cruises to Antarctica tend to be on the expensive side, as is the case with Antarctica travel in general. Deluxe services and accommodations are to be expected on the expedition cruises, and your ship might even boast a gift shop, a lounge, and fitness facilities. Prices vary according to things such as the company that you choose, the overall amenities, and the length of the trip. Most Antarctic expedition cruises last at least two weeks, and they often include stops in the South Shetland Islands or the Falklands. Visits to these island chains definitely do well to complement visits to the Antarctic mainland. Shopping around is recommended if you want to find something to fit your budget and taste when it comes to the Antarctica cruise expeditions, and the trip should prove to be worth every penny regardless of how much you pay.

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