Paradise Harbor Antarctica

Paradise Harbor Antarctica is arguably the destination of choice for those who want to see glacial calving. This natural phenomenon is a form of ice disruption which occurs when a mass of ice breaks away from an ice shelf, an ice front, an iceberg, a crevasse, or a glacier. The Ross Ice Shelf is another good place to see glacial calving in Antarctica, though it does not occur with the same regularity as it does at Paradise Harbor. You can find Paradise Harbor Antarctica on the Antarctic Peninsula, which, in conjunction with the South Shetland Islands, is the most heavily visited part of the continent.

If you're planning on traveling to the best place to see glacial calving in Antarctica, you will undoubtedly go by boat. While some of the cruises that visit Paradise Harbor don't involve getting off the main ship, others allow passengers to get into smaller boats that are inflatable rubber rafts. These rafts, which are known as Zodiacs, are powered by an outboard motor and allow passengers to go where the larger cruise ships can't. Coincidentally, some of the cruises to this beautiful Antarctic Harbor also allow passengers to explore the waters by way of kayak. Whether you are traveling by way of Zodiac or kayak, seeing the icebergs from what essentially amounts to water level is a real treat. In addition to admiring the size of the icebergs, you can also wonder at the shades of blue and green that they exhibit due to light refraction.

Glaciated mountains and sturdy ice cliffs surround the Paradise Antarctic Harbor, and together with the icebergs, they help to make for a breathtaking panorama. When the glaciers at Paradise Harbor Antarctica aren't calving, the waters in the bay are usually quite calm, as is true in the visually stunning Lemaire Channel. When the waters here are calm, they reflect the mountains and ice cliffs beautifully, lending to excellent photographic opportunities. Some claim that Paradise Harbor offers the most beautiful natural vistas in Antarctica. As such, more and more visitors to the continent make it a point to check out the views here. For those who go ashore, it's the first opportunity that they will likely have to put their feet on the mainland.

While you're admiring the mountains, cliffs, and icebergs in Paradise Harbor Antarctica, you'll also want to keep an eye out for penguins. Gentoo and chinstrap penguins call the area home, and they are definitely among the top attractions. In addition to taking in the natural sights, those who are traveling to the top place to see glacial calving in Antarctica can also entertain the option of touring a research station. Two research stations can be found in the harbor, and they are operated by Argentina and Chile respectively. Not all of the Paradise Antarctic Harbor tours include side tours of the research stations, but if yours does, you'll gain terrific insight into the lives of the scientists who call the continent home. As a side note, many of the Antarctica tours that include a stop at Paradise Harbor will also include things like trips through the Lemaire Channel and stops at South Shetland Islands like Deception Island. You might even get to visit the Falklands on the side!

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