Antarctica Cruises by Small Ship

Antarctica cruises by small ship are just one option for travelers who are looking for ways to get to the southernmost continent. On a small ship cruise expedition, you can not only tour parts of mainland Antarctica, but you can also make stops in the Falklands and the South Shetland Islands. These island chains are also visited with regularity by larger ships, though the smaller ships can access some destinations that the larger ships can't. Because of the limited amount of passengers, you can generally enjoy a lot of flexibility on an Antarctic small ship cruise. Perhaps a second pass through the Lemaire Channel will be in order, or maybe you and the other passengers have agreed to linger for a little while longer near a penguin colony.

While private expeditions to Antarctica can be arranged, they sometimes involve flying. A small ship cruise expedition can be a private cruise or a public one, and there are plenty of advantages that make them worth considering. For starters, some of the cruise companies can only let a certain amount of people on shore at any given time. If shore excursions are part of your plan, you might get cheated out of some precious time on land if you are on a larger cruise ship. Many people would agree that the small group tours that can be enjoyed on an Antarctic small ship cruise are about as ideal as Antarctica tours get. Some Antarctica cruises by small ship only carry around ten to 50 passengers, while others can carry up to about 120 people. According to some Antarctica travel experts, the fewer the passengers the better.

As is true of the Antarctica cruises in general, those who are planning on booking a small ship cruise expedition will have numerous options to choose from. Trips can last anywhere from seven to 25 days, and you might even have luck finding a longer Antarctic small ship cruise if you're interested. For those who are planning a relatively short small ship cruise expedition in Antarctica will want to consider the flight and adventure cruising packages. These packages typically include boarding a plane in Puntas Arenas, Chile, and flying two hours to King George Island, which is one of the South Shetland Islands. Once on King George Island, you board your watercraft and begin your Antarctic small ship cruise.

Every year, it seems that there are more and more things that people can enjoy on an Antarctica vacation. Book the right Antarctic small ship cruise, and you can go scuba diving, kayaking, or trekking. Viewing the native wildlife is at the top of the list of things to do here, and you're likely to find the landscape to be quiet stunning. Photographing the beautiful mountains is another top thing to do. You can get especially good shots of the coastal mountains reflecting in the water below when the conditions are just right. Other options when it comes to things to do on a small ship cruise expedition in Antarctica include exploring the area waters in an inflatable raft, visiting research stations, climbing mountains, and even skiing!

Start looking into Antarctica cruises by small ship today, and see for yourself just how many things you can get into on your journey to this cold and dry land. November through March is the peak season for Antarctica cruises, and there are plenty of other expedition cruise and luxury cruise options if you want to expand your list of choices. However you get to Antarctica, a magical and unforgettable vacation experience awaits you. Just don't forget to pack some medicine for seasickness. You're almost guaranteed to get it at some point, especially when crossing the Drake Passage.

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