Antarctica Vacations

Antarctica vacations are fast becoming popular among travelers who are looking for that next great frontier to explore. Every year, more and more Antarctica vacation packages offer these travelers the opportunity to take a trip of a lifetime. While some vacations to Antarctica only involve sightseeing from the decks of a ship, others can see you enjoying a range of onshore activities. Antarctic getaways almost always involve spending time on a ship, and while you can always fly here, cruises remain the most popular way to go.

The Antarctica vacation packages come in a range of shapes and sizes, and while you aren't likely to find many discounts when it comes to these packages, there are some that are more affordable than others. The overall price will have a lot to do with the length of your trip, which can be a few months if you have the funds. The companies that offer Antarctica vacation packages are tour companies that specialize in Antarctic travel, and they can help you build an ideal itinerary. If you have enough money, you can even book a private expedition to the southernmost continent if you please. If you want to keep costs down, limiting your amount of side activities is usually a good way to do so.

Antarctica vacations that focus on general sightseeing are the most popular. Sometimes, those who are enjoying sightseeing vacations to Antarctica never leave the cruise ship. Getting passengers on land can be a difficult thing to organize, especially when the waters surrounding the continent are icy. You'll undoubtedly spot numerous icebergs while sightseeing on your cruise ship, and you will also get to admire soaring mountains, pristine glaciers, and some fantastic wildlife while sightseeing here. For those who want to get a bird's eye view of the continent's beautiful terrain, some companies offer plane tours that can be the ideal complement to land and water-based outings.

While Antarctica vacations that only include sightseeing are rewarding enough, some visitors look to get more active. Many Antarctica cruise operators offer a range of activities to choose from, and the list of options only seems to increase year after year. For those who like to hike, vacations to Antarctica can definitely revolve around trekking in some beautiful places. Maybe your vacation will have mountain climbing at its core. There are plenty of mountains here to climb, the tallest of which rises to an elevation of 16,860 feet above sea level. For those who truly like the great outdoors, adding some camping to the mix is always an option.

When it comes to ski vacations, you might not think of Antarctica first. There are Antarctica vacation packages that include skiing, however, and if you prefer snowboarding, you can do that as well. As is true of any outdoor activity in this cold and windy land, skiing is dependent on the weather conditions. There is plenty in the way of snowy hills here, and you can always do some cross-country skiing, so you're encouraged to get out there when the weather is nice. Just remember that there is no tourism infrastructure here, nor are there any commercial operations of any kind. As such, if you want to ski or snowboard down some hills here, you'll have to climb them first.

Antarctica vacations can save you money on a relatively simple ship with few amenities or they can involve the five-star treatment. For those who are interested in luxury vacations to Antarctica, some of the cruise ships offer extra cozy cabins that boast an array of amenities. Whether you ride in the lap of luxury or keep things simpler, Antarctica vacations can be very romantic. Whatever you have in mind, vacations to Antarctica are bound to impress. Your accommodations, your meals, and your activities will be included in your fees when it comes to the Antarctica vacation packages, so you won't have much to worry about other than having the time of your life.

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