Cambodia is a country often overlooked and undervalued. Travelers that do visit generally stick to the few top attractions during Cambodia tours which includes visits to Phnom Penh and Angkor Wat. A holiday in Cambodia, as it's discovered more and more often, has an abundant array of sights and sounds to offer travelers. For tourists making their way through Cambodia tours are more often including a number of other fascinating places like Sihanoukville, Battambang, Kep and Sisophon. Though once a menacing and dangerous place, Cambodia has long since opened up its borders and welcomed tourists from all over the world to explore the vibrant and unique country in more depth. Over the years in Cambodia tourism has continued on an upswing and has become much more accommodating and convenient for visitors.

Cambodia Angkor Wat

Cambodia Angkor Wat

There are a number of ways to approach Cambodia travel plans. Most often tourists planning a holiday in Cambodia are in some stage of a tour of South East Asia, most often including Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Burma, and traveling overland is a great way to achieve the most depth and authenticity on a journey via this transportation method. You can begin Cambodia travel from several points all along the border. Cambodia tourism flourishes in Siem Reap, the start point to thousands of excursions to Angkor Wat, found north of the city. Southeast of Siem Riep is the city of Battambang, an important trade point between Thailand and Cambodia. This large yet quiet town offers tourists a nice area to view some historic temples, the central market and a number of other attractions. Battambang is also a quieter alternative to staying in Siem Riep and provides great access to the famous temples.

Due south of Siem Riep is the Vietnamese Floating Village, a great stop during Cambodia travel and easily reached via Tonlé Sap Lake. A holiday in Cambodia in the southern region is something else to get excited about. Bokor National Park is a must-see, situated near the Elephant Mountains close to the shared border with southern Vietnam. It's an old hill station- twice abandoned and expanding over four Cambodian provinces. Tourists can utilize Cambodia tours for the best way to see rare tigers, herds of elephants roaming throughout the park, sweeping views of the coastline and numerous routes for trekking.

The drowsy town of Kep, also in the south, is a great beach retreat during Cambodia travel. For relaxing days by the water dotted with delicious meals of fresh seafood and jaunts to nearby islands, there's no better place to kick back and breathe in the rejuvenating ocean air. Once a control point of infamous Pol Pot and his menacing regime, the area is just over 60 miles from the port of Sihanoukville. In Sihanoukville there are even more beaches to enjoy with the advantage of a larger city with some 18,000 residents. With plenty of gorgeous views of the Gulf of Thailand, a holiday in Cambodia here means access to fantastic swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. Other perks include a taste of vibrant local life and a wealth of fresh seafood at your fingertips.

In Cambodia tourism also thrives in the distinctive and vivid capital city of Phnom Penh where colonial heritage is evident in the many period buildings throughout the city. From pagodas, to museums to markets, there is plenty to see and do and excellent nightlife for those who enjoy lively evenings. Alongside the banks of the Mekong River, roughly 30 miles from Phnom Penh is Kampong Cam. The port city is home to another area of ruins exhibiting another glorious example of Khmer architecture. Wat Nokor is a very well preserved 13th century structure located near sights of mass graves of those who died in the hands of the Khmer Rouge. Some visit the monuments while others prefer to avoid the site altogether.

Intrepid travelers have no problem staying long periods in Cambodia while others prefer to see the major attractions and move on. It's all a matter of personal choice yet the advantages of traveling off the beaten path far surpass staying on the road well traveled. Friendly and helpful, the Cambodian people are some of the most friendly in the region. The major points of interest, such as Angkor Wat and Phnom Penh, are must-sees, but to go beyond these magnificent sights and delve deeper into the country's history and culture is to experience one of the most significantly diverse, fascinating and unique countries in all of South East Asia.

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