Angkor Wat

Exhibiting key style and elements of classic Khmer architecture, Angkor Wat remained shrouded in a veil of dense jungle vegetation long before its discovery in 1860. When the vast network of temples of Angkor Wat Cambodia were discovered, the heavy cloak of mystery surrounding the fascinating ruins was slowly lifted to reveal an extraordinary find that draws thousands of curious visitors each year. The Angkor Wat temple temple was found due north of the city of Siem Reap, the most popular hub for tourists planning on exploring Angkor Wat Cambodia in its entirety.

Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat

The Khmer civilization was predominant in Cambodian history, and is accredited with building the incredible temples between 802 AD through 1220 AD. The site was chosen for its advantageous position for both agriculture and military presence and created to honor Vishnu, a pivotal Hindu God. The temples have exceeded the test of time and are considered one of the most spectacular accomplishments in the world. At one time, Angkor Wat temple was home to Khmer kings presiding over a huge land mass that spanned far beyond the borders of the country as it's known today, all the way north to parts of China and beyond. The labyrinthine maze of almost one hundred temples in total reveal a once prominent social, religious and governing capital. Aside from the Angkor Wat temple structures, there were also numerous public buildings, palaces and regular homes that have long since broken down and vanished.

From afar, looking at this famous tourist attraction in Cambodia will fill you with awe and anticipation. The sheer beauty of the massive site can be overwhelmingly beautiful, especially when veiled in mist in the early morning hours. Mysterious passage ways, beautiful carvings adorning temple walls, tall towers and sweeping courtyards fill the temple landscape and create a sight unlike any other you may have seen. Scrutinized, admired and interpreted by thousands of archaeologists, architects and other designers, the blueprint of Angkor Wat Cambodia remains one of the most unique in the world. Even more beauty is added gracefully to this tourist attraction in Cambodia by a large expanse of gleaming water found in front of the main entrance.

There are many major and minor temples and buildings to explore at Angkor Wat. The Angkor Wat temple Bayon is one of the best known and favorites of many visitors for its enormous Bodhisattva Avilokiteshvara stone head carvings. The incredible contrast of the stone buildings creates a look that seems straight out of a time centuries ago. At the Temple of Ta Prohm, the mammoth tree trunks and roots grown over parts of the structure create one of the most photographed sites in the ancient city. Ta Prohm is the only temple that has not been restored, but left just as it was found. The courtyards, walls and roofs of Ta Prohm have been repaired to prevent further deterioration and the inner area has been unclogged of dense bush and jungle vegetation.

If you're planning a trip to Siem Riep you can easily reach it via a hop over the Thai border, travel overland from either Vietnam or Laos or catch a direct flight into the city. From Siem Riep you can easily plan an excursion to Angkor Wat. Be sure to give yourself at least two days for a thorough exploration. The area is not one to hurry through! You will also find a number of guides set up around the temple area that will gladly show you around Angkor for a fee, and interpret the different structures. Knowing the going tour rate is a good advantage to have. Though Angkor Wat is the biggest tourist attraction in Cambodia, Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, and a number of other areas are also great places to visit and will give you a good overview of the country.

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