Cambodia Vacations

Cambodia vacations can be spontaneous and adventurous or planned and (somewhat) predictable. There are beaches, jungles, and lakes to explore, cities with amazing food to devour, markets to delve deep into, and hotels to soak up Cambodian hospitality and luxury. Large, urban cities and small, far-flung villages, local food stalls and five-star restaurants, lavish guided tours or simple tuk tuk outings, tourists can choose each facet of Cambodia travel packages to suit all specific travel styles and budgets.

Cambodia Travel Packages
Cambodia Travel Packages

The most popular of all Cambodia travel packages is a combination Siem Reap/Angkor Wat tour. These can include basic flight and hotel combination deals to more extensive packages that create an almost all inclusive deal where a flight, hotel, Angkor tour guide, and even extra meals and city tours can be included. If there’s ever any wheeling and dealing to be done, it’s in Southeast Asia, so always be sure to ask (suggest) there could be more included in your package than meets the eye. Note: always be sure to ask how your Angkor tour will be conducted and over how many days it will last (you’ll need a half-day minimum just to explore Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom).

With international airports in Sihanoukville, Phnom Penh, and Siem Reap, there’s really no reason Cambodia travel packages can’t include tours of the best attractions in these top cities. A local tour versus a tour from an international company can often be a better bet, but it’s also more difficult to arrange and perhaps less trustworthy if not planned through a large, well-known outfit. Yet the best deals almost always lie locally; hotels can help arrange tours during Cambodia vacations to almost any desired destination. Sometimes a cheap flight and hotel combo is a good starter best rounded out by an inexpensive local deal.

During Cambodia vacations, tours can include day trips to a large variety of attractions and sites; both modern and historical. The Central Market in Phnom Penh can be visited along with Independence Monument, the Riverfront, the Royal Palace, and the National Museum. Tourists visiting Sihanoukville can arrange Cambodia travel packages via one of the beach hotels which can include flights into the city, hotel accommodations, spa visits, and even local tours.

Themed Cambodia travel packages are also popular; tour Cambodia and northern Vietnam via the Mekong Delta, spend a week traveling through and exploring Angkor Wat in depth, discovering many details lost on most fast-paced travelers, or spend some time learning about the history and background through cultural tours that visit Cham villages, rural farms, and lush rice paddies. Many tours offer accommodation, a meal or two, transportation, and a guide. Ask if entry fees, excursions, and boat trip costs are included.

An extended trip could mean the chance to enjoy Cambodia vacations in conjunction with visits to neighboring countries like Thailand and Vietnam. The relatively small geographic area means travel duration between countries is short, especially by air, and also inexpensive compared to the west. A tour could pan out by visiting the famous beaches of Thailand, UNESCO Heritage sites in Vietnam like Halong Bay, and then exploring the Angkor ruins before setting off for home. The possibilities are endless. If keeping to Cambodia only, Angkor, Tonle Sap Lake, the southern beaches (Sihanoukville, Kep, and Kampot), and Phnom Penh’s chaotic charm are definite musts.

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